Artist Highlight: Hironox – Dark, Moody Red and Blue (kira~*)


This is a great victory! I finally found a damn pixiv account! However, better still, one of the links on that account led me to something even more awesome – a Drawr account. I had never heard of this until now but it took me all of 10 seconds to figure out this is an artist version of Twitter! It’s got an RSS feed too, which is extremely awesome as I won’t have to remember to go check their profile every so long. Hironox seems to use it to post speed paints, as they are mostly quite rough, and his more complete works are posted on pixiv. For those of you not up for navigating a Japanese site, here’s a booru link. Anyway, here are some of my favorite Hironox works.

As you will see, he has a tendency towards making his pictures look pastel-drawn and he also likes things very dark blue or dark red (as do I!) For some reason, his speed paints are almost all people with cigarettes in their mouth. This is, of course, totally awesome, since I love characters who smoke, especially if female. (Maybe a Japanese speaker can help me on why he does that? All those pics seem to have text in them.) He does a range of characters and has a tendency to draw an image multiple ways (see the Black Lagoon one below where they are drawn once with clothes and once without) or with more background added. There is a strong focus on looking as cool as possible, which is something I can respect : D.






Made me LOL

Made me LOL









7 thoughts on “Artist Highlight: Hironox – Dark, Moody Red and Blue (kira~*)

  1. It seems that people comment to each other on drawr by way of pictures, so all of that writing is actually his comments and responses to other people. I love all of these pics except the last one. Not very well done in my opinion.

  2. That’s one manly Santa. His Touhou renditions are awesome too: we’ve all gotten used to the cutesy moe-moe Touhou designs from most doujins, so it’s quite a shock to see Remilia acting like a real vampire.

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