Artist Highlight: shun – Beautifully Bizarre


Shun is one of my favorite artists and the crown jewel of the random stuff I find in my many hours searching image sites. I’ve used several of his images as desktop backgrounds (including the one above) and hugely enjoy his style. It was a lot easier to find his pixiv account than it has been, however, he has his own personal gallery which has a bit more content as well as links to his blog (useless for most of you I’m sure) and other many great artist sites (which I may browse later.) Once again, for those of you who aren’t about to go looking at Japanese sites, here is another link.


I believe the above was the first shun picture I saw which immediately elicited a good, solid, “what the fuck?!” I knew I had to see more, and I fell in love instantly. Shun draws some really weird shit. Even when he draws more normal things, they have a bit of a bizarre or fantastic element to them. He might draw a simple person with a weapon, but they will be wearing zany clothes or striking a strange pose. My favorites are the many pictures of things that just feel out of place or seem to tell an entire story all on their own. Many of his pictures make me wonder “how did things end up this way?” Also immediately noticeable is the way he draws faces with very wide eyes and broad mouths that are all incredibly ovular in a way that makes me think of Maijo Otaro or Q-ko-chan (both of which are insanely bizarre), as well as the way he draws very ‘big’ hair.

The images in shun’s gallery seem to suggest that he did artwork for several cards in the Square-Enix card-based PSi game The Eye of Judgement. The game seems confusing as hell, but it’s cool to know that he provided some artwork (easily recognizable by the Square Enix trademarks on them.) So anyway, here are some of my favorite images from him.









3 thoughts on “Artist Highlight: shun – Beautifully Bizarre

  1. love # 4 (an anime moment if i ever saw one) and # 6. Yeah, the characters look like they’ve had too much eye surgery. i also like the skull on the girl’s necklace in pic # 2. i think i might have seen pics of this guy way back. something like a girl surrounded by strawberries..

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