Moment of the Week: Monster – Tenma's "F#ck You"

The first three episodes of Monster are like a roller-coaster ride. Dr. Tenma, a Japanese doctor working in Germany is moving up the ranks. He is the Director’s favorite and is engaged to his daughter – he’s also head of surgery. Life is going good until one night a boy is brought in who’s been shot in the head and can only be saved by Tenma just before the mayor is brought in after a heart attack. Tenma goes against orders to help the parentless child who came in first, and the mayor ends up dying. Shit hits the fan.

Dr. Tenma looses his position as well as his engagement. He finds himself wondering if he wants to continue being a doctor when all these bullshit politics are involved. He just wants to help people. Then the next day, the hospital director and several other staff are found mysteriously killed. Tenma is still ready to leave this hospital and go back to Japan, but the new director (who cares more about talent than politics) hires him back as head of surgery. Tenma nearly breaks down in frustration over whether or not to quit, but ends up keeping the position.

He then gets a call from the former director’s daughter to whom he was previously engaged. We know that she had lead an easy life as the daughter of a powerful man, and it is pointed out that with his death, she has become a normal woman. She meets up with Dr. Tenma in a coffee shop. She opens the conversation by congratulating him on getting the position back, to which Tenma doesn’t reply. Then she starts saying that they should give their relationship another chance and start over as she places her hand on his. That’s when the moment happens.

Without even looking at her or saying a word, Tenma gets up and just walks away. The woman follows, calling his name, but he walks right out of the store, never turning back or saying a word. It was pretty much the ultimate “fuck you bitch” moment.

There will probably be many more memorable moments in the 72-episode run of this most legendary anime, but I couldn’t let this one slip by – it was too classic and awesome. I literally stood up and applauded Tenma.


5 thoughts on “Moment of the Week: Monster – Tenma's "F#ck You"

  1. Tenma is amazingly full of awesome for such a gary-stu character. Anyway, the setup for this scene is simply perfect, we can just feel Tenma’s disappointment with the entire world. Seeing an idealistic person breaking down is very effective, for me at least it’s one of the best dramatic conventions there is.

  2. It’s quite a revelation to see how in spite of becoming a doctor, internal hospital politics takes over and the ideal that the world rewards meritorious conduct is shattered, which is why Tenma’s sense of despair is so easily identifiable to many of us. His rejection of Eva’s request was a well-executed moment (among many) that this series brings to us and that’s why Monster remains one of my favorite series.

    (Hopefully my comment regarding Johan spurred you to watch it :p )

  3. I’m just past halfway through Monster, and even though it doesn’t directly appeal to my interests (robots, fighting, intrigue, and drama, IN SPACE) I’ve no reservations relating to it as a masterpiece of storytelling.

    And yes, Dr. Tenma is such an awesome character to watch.

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