'Kamen Rider Decade' Roughly Translates To 'F|_|CKING AWESOME'

So, Funeral and I are planning to do a short film parody of tokusatsu shows, and as research, Funeral decided to watch a bunch of tokusatsu shows. He started with Kamen Rider Decade ep 1 and at first thought it was stupid an made a post pretty much bashing it. However, when I expressed interest, he said he felt like rewatching the first ep. So we watched it, and he came around to what I immediately realized – this is the greatest fucking show ever made.

I’ve been interested in checking out some tokusatsu shows ever since I recently caught a random episode of the latest Power Rangers incarnate while flipping through channels and was surprised to find out it was fucking great, leaving behind the shitty drama that needlessly plagued previous seasons in favor of non-stop action. So I was happy to partake in Decade.

Lets say this first, the special effects in Decade are fucking amazing. They may not be Hollywood or anything, but this is some serious budget for a Japanese show. The first episode featured the beginning of the end of the world, which involved metric assload fucktons of monsters running around blowing shit up, killing random people, and blowing more shit up.

But lets start from the beginning, the show kicks off with an extremely epic Kame Rider War before going into the plot. There’s this guy who was found by this girl and is working at her and her grandfather’s photo shop. He takes shitty pictures of people and they always get pissed at him. Girl is tsundere for him, uses special attack of Laughing Pressure Point, etc. For details, go watch ‘Anime’. Shit and fan make a beautiful collision and the world starts ending. Guy discovers he has the power of Kamen Rider Decade from talking to his, like, lets call him ‘shadow self’.

He becomes Decade, who uses cards to transform into other kamen riders, and more cards to give them sweet weapons with which to blow shit up and beat the fuck out of enemies. This is obviously a toy-selling method, but it kicks major ass, and also the voice that comes out of his card-swapping belt is the best fucking voice ever. ‘KAMEN RIDE! KABUTO!’

Shit blows up until shadow self tells decade about how all of the worlds of the kamen riders, of which there are nine (being of the past kamen rider shows, making this the most epic meta-show ever), are colliding, and this is destroying them all. So decade has to go to each world and beat their kamen rider because THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!!!!! …or something.

Anyway, the best thing about this show besides the fact that blows up just about every second, is the camera work. Boatloads of cool-ass experimental shots are used. There was one particularly great moment where monsters were popping halfway out of the ground and their legs were coming out of the top of the screen, walking as if the bodies were over them. There was another great one where a building almost falls on decade, and we see shadow self walking on the building, but he’s like upside down.

Anyway, it was by far the best fucking episode of anything ever, fuck fuck shit-yeah motherfucking KAMEN RIDER DECADE!


2 thoughts on “'Kamen Rider Decade' Roughly Translates To 'F|_|CKING AWESOME'

  1. Haha, glad you guys are liking. Since I told Funeral about it. When I read his post about it, I thought maybe I shouldn’t have suggested it at all.

    You guys gotta watch Kamen Rider Kabuto.

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