DigitalBoy Remembers Love Part One: The Explanation of Epic Rewatch

This is no doubt going to be a post of monumental proportions, seeing as it is a part of the epic journey, ties into my moments of the week, is a response post to another insanely epic post, and is sort of like my reintroduciton to anime in terms of total win for me. Today, mechafetish made a post essentially explaining how rewatching anime is, in fact, heaven, proved through hardcore philosophy and science, and talks about the insane amounts of times he rewatches things. The post was so inspirational to me that I had to post about it!

The Disgust of Rewatch

When I got into anime again in 2007, the concept of rewatching seemed stupid to me. After all, I was standing at the starting line of a massive journey called ‘anime fandom’ with hundreds upon hundreds of shows waiting for me to watch. I’ve always had a pretty great memory, and as far as I was concerned, one watch was enough.

However, due to similar reasoning, I was also marathoning everything back then. I still marathon most things now, but there are definitely shows you should and shouldn’t marathon – a distinction I refused to make. Once again, my reasoning was simply to watch at a fast pace. Now, ‘marathoning’ back then was a very cold and mechanical process. I skipped all opening and ending songs, watched episodes immediately after one another, and always tried to cram a show into 1 or 2 days. It wasn’t until 2008, after a year of watching that I questioned my methods.

The Intrigue of Rewatch

The person who first got me interested in alternative viewing styles was Omoikane, who is pretty much constantly inspiring me in some way. Omo criticized me for my cold marathoning tendencies. He pointed out the importance of savoring a show – how a weeks wait could let you brood over the last episode and anxiously await the next. I didn’t really understand what he meant at the time, but I was certainly interested, if just because Omo was saying it.

It was also around then that, as mentioned in my Epic Journey introduction post, I started to think about Omo’s statements on Martian Successor Nadesico in his alltime favorite anime post. He mentions his countless rewatches of Nadesico and how he chewed on the show like jerky. I began to realize that liking a show is much more than just watching it.

The Beginning of Rewatch

Once I was interested and had also gotten to the point that I was forgetting shows I’d watched, I started rewatching some shows. Haruhi was technically first, but more as a 1 year anniversary rewatch. The first of my favorites I made a point to watch was Welcome to the NHK, which was a pretty interesting experience, since it’s effect on me was wholly different. And so I began rewatching for memory sake. It was somewhere in there that my rewatch of Arjuna sparked what led to the Epic Journey as detailed in that post.

The Revolution of Rewatch

However, there has been one flaw in my rewatching. I’ve been concentrating too hard on complete series rewatching. I always try to go through the whole show again, which is fine for every once in a while. But a show you love doesn’t need to be saved for every once in a while. If there are scenes you love, it is best to rewatch them when you want to. My epic journey is all about remembering the love you have for a series in a rediscovery sort of way. However, I’ve been ignoring the idea of increasing a show’s love through selective rewatching.

In my mind, a show is too much a mountain. Watching is climbing that mountain and the memories you have are like pictures you tok on the journey until you make it again. Instead, I’d like to think of my favorites collectively as a battle cruiser traveling through space-time that goes through hyperspace currents at times, and at others pops in and out of them quickly. If that makes sense.

So I had been wanting to rewatch RahXephon pretty badly. And I will watch the whole show sometime soon. But I don’t need to do all that just to watch my favorite episode, 19. After reading mechafetish’s post, I went and did just that. Now mind you, it’s an ep I’ve watched once before, and when you see it again you realize it’s flaws, but it’s just a great episode well worth rewatching, and I definitely remembered love.

Stay tuned for part 2!

5 thoughts on “DigitalBoy Remembers Love Part One: The Explanation of Epic Rewatch

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  2. I’m discovering that there is a variety in how viewers consume media in ways I’m not exactly sure are related to the amassing behavior (I’ve theorized that there are two general behaviors of otaku: amassing and expressive).

    I’ve discovered a new one for myself: annotating the show as I go along. I’m thinking that I shouldn’t use twitter for this purpose – perhaps a tumblr blog would suffice. I’d rather store my notes online than on my HDD so I can access them anywhere.

  3. Yes, taking notes as you go is fun and how i used to do things. I’d post impressions on things that were of note on the Megatokyo forums and then accumulate them at the top of a blog post before getting into final impressions. Twitter is definitely not the place for this since they are gone too fast. I don’t know what tumblr is.

  4. Epic metaphor is epic:

    Instead, I’d like to think of my favorites collectively as a battle cruiser traveling through space-time that goes through hyperspace currents at times, and at others pops in and out of them quickly. If that makes sense.

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