MAL Changes Loose My Interest – Purpose Changing

So, one of my favorite MAL features is that it measures exactly how much time you’ve spent watching anime. However, because I watch many random anime episodes, or restart series several times, it took a lot of effort to perfect my time reading. On MAL, there are three things that calculate the time you’ve spent watching. The first is the amount of eps you’ve seen, maxing at the total there are. Secondly is the amount of times you’ve rewatched the series in full. Third is how many episodes you are into ‘rewatching the series.’ However there is no way to show that you watched the first 5 episodes before starting the series over and watching it again or something like that.

So what I’ve been doing is simply putting that I’d seen more episodes than there were in the series. For instance, I’ve seen Haruhi 3 times total and 5 episodes at random. So I had myself for 2 rewatches and my episode count at ’19.’ This has been working for me, up until MAL’s recent upgrade. Now, when I edit the shows that I have additional episodes on, it resets the counter to the maximum number of episodes.

There is a system they have called ‘edit episode details’ which is supposed to let you say how many additional eps you’ve seen, but the function always seems to decide that you watched it at the time of your update, and it also doesn’t seem to effect the total time spent watching.

So, until something is done to fix this shit, I’m not going to use MAL as a way of determining time spent watching. It is now simply an anime list. This is very disappointing for me, but whatever. So don’t rely on my MAL to actually tell you what I’m watching since I won’t be marking everything.


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