Digitalboys Are Like Madarames – OH! Repost 2

Because Oi, Hayaku has gone defunct, I will be reposting all my OH! posts here. Enjoy if you haven’t already.

The OH! team is doing a series in which each member discusses which anime character they are most similar to.

Although I definitely look more like fellow Genshiken member Tanaka my personality is certainly more like Madarame. If you’ve seen Genshiken, you are probably thinking ‘well, that’s only blatantly obvious.’ Madarame is the most hardcore otaku amongst the Genshiken. He will watch just about anything (his favorites list has G Gundam, Ojamojo Doremi, and Spirited Away… yeah) and is very passionate about his anime.

More than that, though, Madarame is extremely proud of his otaku stature. He is honest about it, admitting to otakudom and proudly flaunting his attraction to 2d girls and love of hentai. Madarame is known for buying doujins ‘without looking at the prices’ as his collection is more important than even his own life. In every way, this is me – I am a high-level otaku who’s incredibly proud of it, ready to proclaim and justify my actions to anyone who tries to hate.

However, Madarame isn’t all about being an uber-otaku. He’s got a deep and sensitive side to him as well. When he finds himself falling in love with a friend, he ends up keeping it to himself because he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, which is very much something I would do. He has a lot of maturity and really understands the world around him, so he sticks to what he loves and enjoys himself. I think that he and I are pretty much the exact same.

(NOTE: Since people were confused about this the first time, I cited Madarame’s favorites for their immense difference from each other)


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