Gunslinger Girl Chapter-by-Chapter – ch. 2 – Love Thy Neighboor

A post in the Epic Journey.

Chapter Number: 2 (vol. 1) 34 pgs.
Chapter Title: Love Thy Neighbor
Focus Characters: Rico
Short Summary: Rico talks about how she loves having a working body and her life at the social welfare agency. She gives more background info on the agency. When she is sent to scout out a hotel for an assassination, she meets a boy named Emilio who works there. He seems to like her and rattles off his life’s story to her before she has to leave. Rico isn’t really sure what to make of him. Later, when she performs the hit at the hotel, Emilio sees her and she kills him without remorse, explaining once more how much she loves her life at the agency.

Awesome/Important Quotes: – ” ‘Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,’ ” – Hillshire

-“Doesn’t your god preach that you should ‘love thy enemies?'”
“Well, enemies don’t necessarily love you back.” – Ferro

– “I don’t really understand this stuff… it’d be nice if someone liked me, though!” – Rico

– “What a relief! It still works. I can’t describe in words how wonderful it is to have a body that works.” – Rico

Minor/Quick Notes: – Rico is really the perfect partner for Jean – she’s so boundlessly happy just to be alive that she isn’t bothered by him being a total fucking dick.

– It’s kind of funny how Ferro shows up in like every chapter but almost never actually does anything. I think Aida just likes drawing her. There’s probably a whole back/sub-story here waiting to happen.

– Interesting how Rico is stunned silent not knowing how to deal with a young boy. She ends up being his audience just because she doesn’t know how to react to him.

– I think Rico is cutest with bed hair >.>

– The shooting range is a great display of the differences in handler styles. Jean criticizes Rico and makes her work harder, Giuseppe works closely with Henrietta and helps her out, and Hillshire just kind of stands back and lets Triela do her thing. Whose to say who does the best job.

Major Points: – So, this is what gets me most here – Rico still has her memories. We know already that Henrietta and Triela remember nothing, and we later learn that the medication can steal your memories as it happens to Angelica. So what’s the deal? We can assume from this that the cyborg process is very calculated and personalized for each girl. After all, Rico’s loyalty does largely come from the fact that she didn’t used to have working arms and legs. (but then, we also know Jean probably uses the most medication on Rico, which would make her loyal and also prolly diminish more memory.)

It’s also possible that they only erased the girls’ memories who had traumatic experience, which Rico did not. There is enough ambiguity in the cyborging process and the effects of the medication that we can’t say too much definite (as of volume 6). Hopefully someone will explain this, even offhandedly, at some point.

– Rico definitely seems to think solely based on logical self-preservation. When Jean asks her if she saw anyone while checking out the hotel, she replies ‘No, sir’ without hesitation, likely knowing that her position would be in danger and that Jean would punish her. When she meets  Emilio again, she shows an equal lack of hesitation in shooting him. We can assume she didn’t lie the first time for Emilio’s sake at all, but purely for her job and life at the agency. After all, that’s what matters most to her.


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