Gunslinger Girl Chapter-by-Chapter – ch. 4&5 – The Death of Elsa de Sica 1&2

A post in the Epic Journey.

Chapter #: 4 & 5 (vol. 1) 67 pgs.
Chapter Title: The Death of Elsa de Sica
Focus Characters: Henrietta, Giuseppe, Rico, Jean, Pietro Fermi, Elenora Gabrielli
Short Summary: The Elsa-Lauro fratello is found death with no evidence as to who might have killed them. Section 1 sends a pair of investigators to learn more about the cyborgs to see if they can put some pressure on Section 2. When section 2 learns what happens, they bury the evidence and blame it on Padania then send Henrietta and Giuseppe on vacation. Fermi doesn’t buy the explanation so he and Gabrielli decide to visit Giuseppe and Henrietta on their vacation. Henrietta concludes that Elsa, who was in like with Lauro but always ignored, probably shot him and then shot herself.

NOTE: I put these chapters together because there’s not as much to say about them that the chapters don’t say themselves.

Awesome/Important Quotes: – “If we were ordered to whack someone with the edge of a bible, we’d do it.” – Jean

– “Next time you come over, could you at least bring some flowers?” – Triela

– “Heay, I hope you’re not keeping a record of the color of my underwear.” – Fermi

– “Is a girl with a mechanical body ordinary?” – Henrietta

– “Wow! It’s a magical notebook!” – Henrietta

Notes and Points: – It’s interesting to compare the anime and manga versions of this little arc. The anime throws in a full episode about the Elsa-Lauro team and their relations to everyone which the manga only implies. Suffice it to say, the anime made it much easier to figure out what had happened.

– Ferro gets in her 3 frames, lol.

– Fermi taps right into why Giuseppe feels the need to do so much for Henrietta. Sure, these girls are tools ready to die for their masters, but would you really be happy to have a little girl die for you? Giuseppe states how he constantly has to deserve her respect. What he does is through a sense of duty – he always feels like he owes Henrietta something in return for her devotion.

– Henrietta, meanwhile, is totally head-over-heels in love with Giuseppe. She says herself, “I feel like I have to follow orders from the agency, but I feel like I want to please Giuseppe.” However, we will see that Henrietta will fall deeper in love with Giuseppe the more he treats her nicely, and this could be both of their downfall.

– Henrietta says how if she was in love with someone, but she knew it would never be returned, she would kill that person and then kill herself, which is what Elsa did. When Giuseppe tackles her for holding a gun near herself, she says that she’d never kill herself because Giuseppe is so good to her. I think her ever growing love for him could make this possibly a reality. The deeper she cares for him, the more she wants for him, and when he won’t go far enough to satisfy her, that wil be when she debates the worth of living this way.


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