Stop! Hibari-kun! Old School Trap Anime

Many thanks to the ever-awesome anonymous of /a/ for introducing me to this treasure. Stop! Hibari-kun! is a show that aired from 1983-84 produced by Toei. The show is about a guy named Kousaka who’s mom died at the start of the show. She sends him to live with a former lover, who Kousaka quickly realizes is a yakuza boss (and turbo-violent to boot.) Initially, he wants to get the fuck out of this yakuza looney-bin, but then he sees one of the boss’ daughters and falls in love at first sight. As it turns out, the boss has 3 great daughters of diferent ages, but the one who Kousaka fell in love with is the 4th – the boss’ son! Kousaka is devastated, but the trap, Hibari-kun, seems intent to seduce Kousaka!

Oh, and it has the same script-writer as Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Hibari-kun is instantly comparable to Maria Holic, both in having a trap and in that he is kind of making things miserable for the main character. The obvious difference being that this main character is male and he’s pretty manly, too, I suppose. The comedy in this show is pretty over-the-top. The yakuza boss will draw weapons and blow shit up at slightest provacation and there’s one scene where he needs his meds and has this extremely trippy vision. The antics with Hibari are fun and he is definitely a totally gorgeous trap to the point that it’s painful.

Only 1 episode out of the 35 existing has been subbed (as far as I can tell). The show was released on Japanese DVD in 03 and has 35 episodes, all of which seem to be available on youtube raw. The first ep was subbed by a single kind gentleman who does quite a nice job, even using youtube annotations to fix his mistakes, which I thought was cool. I want to spread attention of this show to hopefully provoke subs. If you like what you see, please spread the word on your blog as well, so this can catch the attention of maybe someone like Live-Evil.

You can watch the whole first episode on youtube… here. Yes, for some reason the op feels exceptionally long O_o


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