Hatsune Miku "The Gods of Olympus Have Abandoned Me" – Moar Hironox


Hironox, whom I did a cumulative post on before, seems to have hit a major patch of inspiration or something as he releases yet another great speedpaint onto drawr. While I say speedpaint, I don’t think hironox did this fast at all, seeing his production video, but I must say it is extremely worth watching. For this image, Hironox comes into it with the idea already of Hatsune Miku in this pose standing on the edge of a building. What really amazes me is how chaotic this image begins. He draws huge blobs of one color in various places and then draws lines over them, covering the excess with the next coat. For a few minutes, the image is totally unidentifiable until it gradually shapes into what you see above. Hironox seems to confirm my suspicion that he is a total perfectionist and he completely redesigns Miku’s face something like 30 times in the process of creating this picture.

(It’s worht noting that when I first saw this picture, the first line from ‘God of War’ immediately entered my mind, as seen in the title)

Hironox also posted a comment on someone else’s badass Spawn image and for those who don’t know, a drawr comment involves yourself drawing a badass picture. All of the images in this post are fucking great, and Hironox’s notably stands out because while everyone else is using the usual Spawn style of harsh lines and detail, his is more simplistic and bright and most notably isn’t a picture of Spawn himself. The reply the next guy gives him is also pretty fucking badass looking.


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