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Baka-Raptor posted recently about 10 heterosexual relationships that he supports to prove that he doesn’t only support lesbians (just primarily). I, as a person with similar tendencies toward lesbians, decided I also wanted to post about relationships I support (heterosexual or otherwise.) This list is all-inclusive. If a pairing is missing from the list it means one of a few things. A. I don’t like both characters  B. I don’t think they go well together, or C. I just don’t give a damn. So here’s a list of every single relationship I actively support (i.e. would write fanfiction/porn about) and why. In no order.

NOTE: There are kind of spoilers. If you’re reading a ship, expect there to be spoilers as to how that ship ends up.

NOTE 2: There were a couple of relationships that I really wanted to put in here, such as Arima and Yukino from Kare Kano, which I didn’t because their relationships aren’t explored enough by the anime they are in (that particular one is hitting major turbulence jsut as the anime ends.) I couldn’t include them without knowing where things go. Also I still need to finish Gundam X.

Eureka x Renton ThurstonEureka Seven – Aside from being the cutest couple in anime, Eureka x Renton is probably the easiest for me to support. Both of them lead each-other’s development and are driven to the point of dependance on their love for one another. Renton’s love makes him grow up and become a man who can protect his family. Eureka’s love lets her discover happiness and learn to live. The two come a long way, and while it takes some time, they become perfect for each-other by the end. Easily my favorite couple.

Miyamura Miyako x Hirono Hiro – ef ~a tale of memories~ – What makes this couple perfect for me is probably that it represents how I wish my life was. Hiro is a young artist who already has his plot in life staked out and is doing what he loves. Miyako is his sort of pseudo-housewife who needs nothing more than the love from another. To me, they are the ultimate modern non-traditional couple even as they embody traditional romance. They aren’t governed by how society perceives a relationship, just by their own ways of life and their love.

PeppoGankutsuou – IT’S A TRAP! Peppo is a god-level trap, getting in ‘her’ fair share of alluring uber-moe moments before revealing her secret. What makes ‘her’ the best, though, is that ‘she’ can still seduce Albert even after he knows it’s a trap!!! I don’t care who peppo is with, I support ‘her’ mad trap skillz!

Rail Tracer x Chane Laforet Baccano! – As you probably know, Rail Tracer (formerly ‘Vino’, formerly ‘Claire Stanfield’) is my favorite anime character. He meets Chane, the mute girl with a father complex, atop the train called the ‘Flying Pussyfoot.’ Mid-knife fight, Rail Tracer tells Chane that he is in love with her and promises that when they meet again in New York he will marry her. This ends up being a hilarious and in every way adorable relationship. Rail Tracer, a mass murderer and self-processed ‘god’ giggles, blushes, and makes silly jokes while he thinks about his undying love for Chane (all of which is just creepy) while she doesn’t know what to think as she receives gifts and promises of love from the guy who is literally introducing himself as fucking ‘RAIL TRACER’. In any event, this is probably the most simultaneously badass and adorable couple ever.

Tatsuhiro Satou x Misaki Nakahara – Welcome to the NHK – Both of these two definitely need someone, and finding one another is as lucky as they’ve ever been. Satou is able to help Misaki get her life together, and through seeing that she was struggling so much, Satou was able to reality check himself a bit and take some responsibility. I think that they could develop deeper feelings for each-other and I could see the relationship working. It would be complicated and realistic, but it would work.

Sae x Hiro – Hidamari Sketch – One of those yuri ships that goes just a bit further than subtext. Hiro takes care of Sae as the ultimate waifu, which is perfect considering Sae’s boyish nature and lack of self-preservation skills. Sae is terrible at pretending to be straight, which makes it all the more fun when Hiro teases and makes passes at her. They really make a perfect couple which they may as well be already… and might!

Keiichi Maebara x The Young Female Populace of HinamizawaHigurashi no Naku Koro ni – Keiichi Maebara fucking deserves to shag every single girl in Higurashi at the same fucking time, and I would not at all be surprised if they obliged. There has never been a manlier harem lead in the history of anime. Take your mountain of pussy and titties, Keiichi. You fucking deserve it.

Lawrence Kraft x HoroSpice and Wolf – I don’t think there have been many more obvious relationships in anime. What makes this relationship the most surprising is simply how little progress it’s made. I can’t help but feel like the author had planned the relationship to move slower without realizing how perfect they’d made the couple. I’d hate to be trapped in a room with them, though. The sheer wit flying around and bouncing off the walls might explode my face off or something. Plus, these two are legal! WHY HAVEN’T THEY FUCKED YET?! (maybe they have in the novels? Maybe they did in ep 6?)

Haruhi Fujioka x Tamaki Suou – Ouran high School Host Club – Cuteness overload, fun overload, development overload.

Rock x Revy – Black Lagoon – Now you have to ask if it’s Rock x Revy or Rock vs. Revy, lol. This is a relationship that needs to happen and is developing perfectly so far. They are truly the right combination, both of them being just the kind of person that the other cannot ignore nor confront. They are from two different worlds, but both of them tap into that one part of the other’s mind that can validate their own world and way of life in the other’s eyes. It gets off to a ‘rock’y start (lol) but I think these two learn so much from each other that their bond becomes incomparably strong. This also deserves credit for being one of the most well-developed relationships around.

Akira Okuzaki x Takumi Tokiha – Mai-HiME – A nice, laid back relationship that progresses totally naturally. There’s an interesting roll reversal here, what with Akira being a tomboy (and actually pretending to be male) and Takumi being completely effeminate. They are incredibly cute together, and as said it feels so natural. Takumi has the total waifu quality that sees right through Akira’s front of toughness and turns her into a caring and laid-back friend and lover.

Neviril x Aer – Simoun – To quote my simoun post: “Neviril and Aer, the main characters, are kind of opposites with their similarity (Neviril: “There is exactly one thing that makes us the same.”) being what they want out of life. Aer begins the show totally sure of what she wants, struggling to keep that sureness, while Neviril struggles to become sure of anything, and seeing these emotions juxtaposed in one another is what starts to pull them along in finding themselves.” The two not only lead each-other’s development, but they totally fall in love, which they say themselves. And they kind of went off to live together eternally.

Kouta Oyamada x Chizuru Minamoto x Nozomu Ezomori – Kanokon – Best. Threesome. Ever.

Anemone x Dominic – Eureka Seven – Who doesn’t love these guys? Dominic is completely driven by his love and desire to protect Anemone at all costs. He may be a fool, but he can do anything in the name of his completely one-sided love. Once his love finally reaches her, Anemone even manages to escape her pain and find life and happiness in Dominic. This is probably how every couple should be. Dominic is a true manly man.

Guts x Casca – Berserk – Casca is the first thing that ever gives Guts direction in his life. He’s dedicated himself to swinging his sword around until he finally finds a reason to keep up that swinging. The two literally see hell together and the relationship faces greater turmoil and furious opposition than any other. Post-Golden Age, Guts’ dedication is tried and tested again and again and his life is always at stake to protect his love even after she’s forgotten all about him. Truly a cruel relationship, but one that makes Guts just that much easier to love as a character.

Anita King x Hisami Hishiishi – R.O.D. the TV – Anita was totally gay for this little shy girl in her class and the fucking writers ruined it by never showing her again after episode 8 or so! What the fuck!! They were the cutest fucking couple ever!!! This was actually the couple that got me into yuri I think. Damn the writers!!!

Takasu Ryuuji x Aisaka Taiga – Toradora – This one is really pretty obvious since the characters were definitely written to be perfect for one another. Taiga is in need and Ryuuji is just the man to suit her. Meanwhile, Taiga is everything Ryuuji could have asked for. They take a minute to see it, but it’s certainly clear. Perfect.

Noe Isurugi x Myself – True Tears/real life Crossover – Some people were pissed because Shinichiro didn’t pick Noe. These people are idiots because Shinichiro is a worthless piece of shit and I would have been more pissed if Noe were stuck with him. What pissed me off in True Tears was that Noe ended up almost killing herself because literally everyone abandoned her like fucking idiots and left the unstable girl alone. Noe deserves someone to care for her. I propose that I do it >.>

Fujino Shion x Fukaya – Hatsu Inu – Canon sex! Honestly, I’m not sure Fukaya is even anything special, but their relationship is a ton of fun. The conflict between fukaya and Fujino’s dildo is hilarious and surprisingly well-written, and the couple manages to be wholly cute. Best hentai pairing ever by far.

Izumi Konata x Hiiragi Kagami – Lucky Star – : 3 You know it’s canon. You know it.

Isaac Dian x Miria Harvent – Baccano! – If you don’t love Isaac and Miria, you are cold and dead inside. These two are simply the most fun couple ever, no debate, no exceptions. They are wholly dumb, totally lucky, and hopelessly in love. God knows where they came from or how they met each other, but thank god they did. The duo is inseparable, proven by the fact that their up to the same old antics 50 years later!

Shin Okazaki x Reira Serizawa – Nana – I’ll admit, you probably couldn’t call this a healthy relationship. After all, the thing starts with Reira paying Shin for sex. However, for the bit of exposition it gets in the span of the show, it seems to be the only woking relationship the story over. Shin cures Reira’s loneliness, and Reira may offer Shin some stability and give him a reason to take better care of himself. Plus, they are both characters that are fun to watch, especially together.

Haruhi Suzumiya x Kyon – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Some relationships just work, and I think this is one of them. It’s a matter of two characters who work well together and go together naturally. Kyon is tough enough not to take shit from Haruhi, but interested enough to follow along with her. Haruhi hates pushovers and puppy dogs and would definitely need someone with a strong personality like Kyon. I don’t doubt that there would be some turbulance in the beginning, but I think the support they would offer each other would overcome the obstacles.

Miyako x Yunocchi – Hidamari Sketch – Sure, this one takes a bit stronger goggles to put together, but lines like ‘will we end up being close like them?’ and seeing the two bathe and sleep together raise my yuri flags. Miyako relieves Yunocchi’s stress and makes her happy, and Yunocchi is a great friend and companion. It could work. It WILL work if I have anything to say about it, kukuku.

The Shiznat – Mai-HiME – One of the most famous yuri couples ever and baka-raptor’s favorite. Contains lolikit’s favorite plot device. Made of win and awesome fanart. Has one of the best climaxes ever (bowchickawowow).

Guragief x Anubituf – Simoun – Simply put, these are the most awesome gay dudes ever. I love the director’s proposed backstory for them where both of them became men thinking the other would become a girl (which the designer wouldn’t let him use since she’d thought up her own backstory for them. ‘three OVAs worth’ to be exact.) The icing on the cake is seeing them at the end of the series looking all bishounen together.

Rentarou Futaba x Sara Shirogane x Souju Shirogane – Futakoi Alternative – BEST. TWIN. THREESOME. EVER. Also, see Maebara Keiichi. MAN.

Every Good Yuri Ship Ever – Come on man, it’s yuri. It’s fundamentally awesome. See the collective works of Morinaga Milk, Mnemosyne, Candy Boy, Shoujo Sect, etc.

How do you feel about these choices and what are some of your favorite ships? Inb4clannad

17 thoughts on “Digitalboy's Shipping – Anime Relationships I Support

  1. Interesting one. I’m not very good at shipping, for some reason. I always wind up supporting relationships in stories where there’s one pretty obvious relationship, and therefore little prospect of ship-to-ship combat. Like (plucking examples at random) Karin and Crest of the Stars. Or indeed Gundam X.

    Bravo for Dominic and Anenome, though.

  2. I shipped Hikaru x Minmei and Ranka x Alto in the Macross franchise. That’s why they call me the failboat.

  3. I shipped RankaxAlto from the first fucking episode and I have no intent to change that.

    But see for me, I believe in following the creator’s intent which is why I only support canon relationships. If I got into fantasy shippings, this’d be a whole different story. I hate things to be out of character, though. So if altoxranka had failed, I wouldn’t have pretended it didn’t, I would’ve just said the show sucked and ignored its existence.

  4. Rail Tracer x Chane Laforet – amazing couple. I considered sticking them in my post, but having just finished Baccano about two weeks ago, I wanted to sit back and see how it stands the test of time.

  5. I love the kind of couple who can bounce zingers off each other like Lawrence and Horo do. It’s the kind of thing you see in cop shows or detective dramas where there’s all this sexual tension between the partners but they never really make a move because they’re too busy teasing each other.

    Claire and Chane are great too, but then Baccano! is one of those rare occasions where I actually liked every single couple in the show. Which worked out well since nobody was competing against each other for somebody’s affection.

  6. @lbre: agreed highly on both accounts, same to B-r. I hate love triangles, so any non-triangular romance is a plus. And yeah, don’t get me wrong, I love horo and lawrence to death especially for their dialogue but I wouldn’t want to get caught in the crossfire. When I get around witty people it gets messy.

  7. I kinda shipped Major and Batou together in SAC, but it’s more of a one-way street and Batou always gets the shaft. Poor guy.

    Also, Loran and Sochie. That turd Loran.

  8. DominicxAnemone was awesomewin until love cured a severe personality disorder in mere SECONDS. It was sweet as hell but seriously, I didn’t know whether I should have been headdesking or d’awwwwwing so I pretty much ended up doing both simultaneously. I was horrible and I hate the writers for ruining Anemone’s deity awesomeness. It could’ve been done so much better – in a way that didn’t just put a generic cute-mannered and completely forgettable girl in her character design.

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