I Hate Season Previews, But Here's Mine

I hate writing season previews because I get all excited about a lot of shows that I probably won’t watch until they are over anyway. However, much more than that, I HATE reading season previews. Why? Because people are fucking idiots about them. Almost every time I see a preview, it’s 90% pessimistic, blasting a show based on the character design and tiny shitty description they get of the show.  Some at last have the fucking decency to bring up studios, but even still they don’t bother to do extra research about the show. People, if you think a show looks stupid, why do I give a fuck? Who the fuck wants to read some bitch-ass making himself look cool by blasting a show that hasn’t even aired that he’ll probably end up loving and fanboying over.

Season previews make people look stupid as shit and can create negative vibes towards a show that doens’t need them. Fucking fall 07, some dumb little fucks accused Bamboo Blade of looking like some harem anime, and when that impression got let loose, tons of people avoided the show thinking it’d be some harem show. So all those people missed out on one of the best little gems of the 07-08 cross-season thanks to some fucking stupid rumors from people who hadn’t watch the fucking show. FUCK your uneducated season previews, if you won’t bother to FUCKING research the FUCKING show then SHUT THE FUCK UP. Anyway, here’s mine.

Hayate the Combat Butler s2: I still haven’t finished s1, which I hope to eventually since the manga is a lot less satisfying. I’ll be gauging this show’s comparison to the original through wildarmsheero’s reactions since we seem to like the show for all the same reasons.

Pandora Hearts: Doesn’t look special, but I’ll be at least trying it out since Shiro likes it. Though he likes everything.

Queens Blade: TIG OL’ BIDDIES. If the animation or action is good, I will watch.


FullMetal Alchemist – FullMetal Alchemist: Need to finish FullMetal Alchemist before I watch FullMetal Alchemist – FullMetal Alchemist.

Before Green Gables: Huge pedigree, nice looking art, lots of poten-WHAT THE FUCK THE DIRECTOR DID PICO TO CHIKO?!?! THIS IS SECRETLY A SHOTA PORN ANIME?!?!

Guin Saga: Shitting my pants over this one. It’s a fantasy series of novels with OVER 130 FUCKING VOLUMES!!!! WHAT IS THE AUTHOR A FUCKING MACHINE?! Plus, Kentaro Miura has cited this as one of the major influences on Berserk. The music is by Nobuo “Final Fantasy” Uematsu. Plus Satelite is a great studio. Lots of potential for fuckwin.

Natsu no Arashi: Shaft, Chinbo, watching, nuff said.

Saki: I’m still a huge Gonzo fanboy.

Souten Kouro: Andrew Cunningham described this manga as ‘So manly it makes women grow beards.’ That’s about the strongest fucking recommendation I’ve ever heard.

Ristorante Paradiso: A newbie studio, and looks delicious. Sounds like m type of anime. Reminds me of Bartender.


Hatsukoi Gentei: If there are little or no men in this show, I will watch it for the character designs alone.

Basquash: From the preview I’ve seen the animation and art are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, the premise is made of win, and it’ll be a ton of fun. Could only be weakened by taking itself too seriously.

Sengoku Basara: The video game is fucking awesome, and a video game adaption by IG will either be excellent or fail. But fuck, I MEAN ITS FUCKING NORIO WAKAMOTO AS FUCKING ODA NOBUNAGA WHATS NOT TO LOVE

K-On: That one image has been making my dick hard for months. Will watch, will love. I feel like this will be the show I keep up with.

Shangri-la: Fucking designs by Range Murata, more than enough reason to watch.

Cross Game: Looks 80s, I’m interested. Just as a note, I’m using the THAT anime blog preview as a set up to this, and I just read Impz saying “if the graphics are poor, I will rather rewatch Ookiku Furikabette”. I feel like fucking bitchslapping him with my wet penis.

So yeah. Not bothering with the other shows unless I hear good word. Pretty excited about the season as a whole.

20 thoughts on “I Hate Season Previews, But Here's Mine

  1. Indeed, you dropped them like trees in the Amazonas Rainforest. Think about the environment… You’ll be disappointed with the season in the end anyway so no need to be like that.

  2. @animanachromism: lolz

    @Dies: i’m very hard to disappoint.

    @baka-raptor: They will because I’ll be causing a huge ruckus all over the internet for the shows I want subbed. I’m gunna rally for show support and hopefully convince subbers that 8 groups don’t need to sub one show while other shows go unsubbed.

  3. >>K-On: That one image has been making my dick hard for months. Will watch, will love. I feel like this will be the show I keep up with.

    lol, true….PERV.

  4. “K-On does have some crazy doujin potential. I can see it…”

    So does Saki. In terms that are relevant to my interests.

    Also, what IKnight (theanimanachronism) said. :P

  5. Wow. Very interesting retelling of the debacle that previews can become. I happened to read the Bamboo Blade manga first, so I was going to see the anime no matter what, but I can see how bad press can make subgroups decide not to pick up a show, thereby killing it before the fans here have much to say about it.

    I confess I actually had some skepticism of Basquatch caused by some other blogs’ previews of it mocking the premise, and then I saw the actual trailer. My current position is a lot closer to yours – who cares if it’s ridiculous; the graphics are awesome. It could be a fun show.

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  7. Saki: I’m still a huge Gonzo fanboy.

    Does this mean someone other than me is going to be watching this? FUCK YEAH! :3 Although I need to like… actually learn Mahjong for any of it to make sense >_>

  8. (I don’t read season previews anymore either and decided not to make one this go around because A) I don’t post anymore anyway :V B) I usually regret watching half of the shows I think look good.

    In the end, I’ve pretty much decided to go Shiro’s approach and watch EVERYTHING.

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