Attention Readers! Euphoric Field is Accepting Authors!

Currently, I am on the verge of buying a domain name and getting hosting for Euphoric Field. The site name might be changed and there will be a newer look, which I’m excited about coming. I’m trying to expand as much as possible so that my blog can become the ‘next big thing’. So I would love to have some opinions other than my own going around! You don’t have to sign on as an author – if you want to do a post that you think would fit on my blog – say an artist highlight, creator highlight, 18+ review, etc, then you can contact me and get your post done on my site. I’ll also be accepting people to become regular authors at my site and talk about whatever the hell you want. Of course, I won’t let just anyone who asks join – I will research you and ask you questions, and once you join I’d definitely like you to tell me if you’re going to post (though I won’t restrict content). However, the bar isn’t that high, so feel free to comment if you’re interested!

EDIT: I want to stress that this is NOT an April fools joke, I didn’t even notice the date!


13 thoughts on “Attention Readers! Euphoric Field is Accepting Authors!

  1. Not applying, but good luck with getting a writing staff together. Thankfully, your site doesn’t suffer from the niche hole that I’ve gotten myself into so you should have a far easier time with this than me with the recruiting process :p

  2. Oddly, I just finalized a deal with a friend of mine as well, concerning hosting space and domain name. I may be willing to work out a blog alliance deal of some sort if you are.

    – James Chen

  3. sorry. i still believe this is a joke post. like you have enough money to buy a domain name! Hah! good one, digi..

  4. @21centurydigitalboy

    Well, yes. Not only do I respect that, but I wasn’t actually planning to apply any of Thoughtscream’s other topics in any possible collaboration. To be honest, I haven’t given too much thought yet on what a blog alliance /would/ consist of, outside of something vaguely to do with cross-applied guest articles, but given the interest overlaps between our blogs, anything in the works would necessarily be otaku-related.

  5. >…18+ review…

    If this is real, I will totally blog about porn for your site in an extremely sexist manner.
    If this isn’t real, fuck you.

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