K-On Episode 1 = (Hyakko – Negatives) + (Manabi x (Lucky Star)^2) [RAW]

Disclaimer: I don’t do screen caps. Be glad I’m blogging episodically at all.

K-On episode 1 fully lives up to my expectations, and those expectations were pretty high, so I’m already loving this show. Which is saying a lot since I watched it raw and therefor understood the bare minimum of the dialog. However, I’ve seen more than enough anime and KyoAni shows to know how things work in a slice-of-life comedy, and thankfully KyonAni’s highly animated characters emote more than enough to tell the story with their hands. Indeed, this may be KyoAni’s most hyper-actively animated show yet, with clothes and hair ruffling all over, but it never gets to the point of retardation like Kannagi did (constantly).

The first show that came to kind was the recent Hyakko. this is partly because the school looked a bit similar, the main character starts off a little lost and unsure of what to do, and there’s a really upbeat girl rounding up a group of friends. This also harkens back of course Haruhi, especially in how this show’s upbeat girls is trying to rope people into her club. However, unlike Haruhi, this girl isn’t pushy or mean about it. This also brings me to what separates it from Hyakko, which is that there isn’t a moral conflict between the girls – there’s an upbeat girl and her straight-(wo)man friend, but they aren’t at ends with one another.

So, really, it’s more like Manabi Straight, where the upbeat girl isn’t an idiot, and this is also true in that the main character girl is kind of timid, though more in a dojikko way than a shy way. Plus, unlike Manabi, this group doesn’t have the struggles of coming together, and while it has a potential aim-for-the-top story, it isn’t portrayed in a fast-paced, hyper way. In this respect it is more like Lucky Star, with four girls just kind of hanging out and making conversation and not being too serious about anything. Like Lucky Star’s center of anime, this show will have a center of music.

Really, what excites me most is that this show could ppotentially absolve the problems people have with the other shows. The jokes, delivery, and directing that flawed Hyakko are handled finely in this show. People who hated Haruhi because of Haruhi’s bitchiness will be glad to find an upbeat girl with much more rationale. Lucky Star’s general plotlessness and boringness is cured by the central element of forming and progressing with a band, so it’s less like things are totally idling and stagnant. And, uh, I guess it doesn’t have Manabi’s loli designs.

The only thing I can see bothering people this time is that the main character is a bumbling dojikko of a high level. But that’s forgivable because she’s cute without having an annoying voice (interestingly, no one does) and has occasional moments of total awesome that will make you love her no matter what (probably).

THE best moment in the episode though was definitely the huge Detroit Metal City reference. When the main girl isn’t sure what to expect from the music club, she imagines Krauser screaming SATSUGAI!!! at her. I rofld.

Oh, and the ending video was OH EMM GEE WIN FUCK YES.

28 thoughts on “K-On Episode 1 = (Hyakko – Negatives) + (Manabi x (Lucky Star)^2) [RAW]

  1. I’m not getting the logic behind your “absolve problems” paragraph.

    Anyway, being the usual comedy snob that I am, I will say that if the best joke this show could muster is a reference to another popular musical comedy for the sake of reference and association to said show then it’s got a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! “Ahem, excuse me”, way to go.

  2. Uh, no, K-On animation is almost exactly like A-1’s Kannagi dude. You didn’t even watch that much of Kannagi.

  3. @kaoishin: 1. you are a fucking idiot because I already said I didn’t even understnad any of the dialog so how the fuck could I know the other jokes 2. You are a fucking idiot because any DMC reference will autoomatically be the best scene in any show, and 3. You are a fucking idiot because this isn’t a pure comedy show, it’s an SOL comedy anyway. Also, you’re a fucking idiot in general.

    @no name: no. It may be just as hyper, but things are at least flying in the correct directions. I didn’t see anyone’s arm flail needlessly in the wrong direction.

  4. I agree with everything you said except for the criticism of Kannagi, which was a great show. I also enjoyed your profane blast at Kaioshin. I would never be that impolite, but I enjoyed it anyway. I am still not used to the fact that he greets any KyoAni show with a barrage of criticism that ends up feeling like trolling. But I am used to the fact that his sense of humor and mine are very, very different. I loved this first episode: the animation, the humor (I did understand much of the Japanese), the voice-acting. All good.

  5. hmm, judging by your math, k-on would be worth a (7 + 9(8^2)), which would be… 583. crap, that’s gonna throw all my MAL averages out of wack.

  6. @21stcenturydigitalboy: Speaking of hyper and flailing around in wrong direction, thanks for that extremely informative reply. No seriously good luck in the future with that attitude, you’ll need it son. I am a little bitch who likes to pretend to be superior to people on the internet.

    @Kaoru Chujo: I expected better from you. I am honestly very disappointed.

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  8. @Kaioshin_sama — I enjoy my own faults, just as I do those of anime characters. Much as I respect your opinion, why would I not feel annoyed when I see the hook being trolled above me? (I know that’s not how you see it, but of course it feels like that.) I will be as polite as I can be, but it is enjoyable when someone else lets go.

  9. to say that lucky star is boring!..to say haruhi is a bitch (well, that one’s true)..well, i think k-on is going to be the best show of the season. either that or queen’s blade. amen.

  10. Come on, D-Boy, wouldn’t you at least complete Kannagi so you can be perfectly entitled to bash it? Comparing your impressions on just a few eps of it against ours (who have seen everything) is really not fair. :P

  11. “@Schneider: I don’t watch shows I don’t like.”

    If you want more credibility, or at least more people taking seriously what you’re saying about Kannagi, you’d at least finish the series to get all your thoughts in check. Though I think you already know this. :P

    Wondering if you’re going watch this first episode again subbed, so you can comment about the show on the merits of the show alone. Or at least less comparison between K-On and other shows.

  12. And Kaioshin-sama needs to cut Kyo-Ani some slack like others need to cut GONZO/Sunrise/etc. some slack. Some of the complaints are justified (though not in K-ON’s case here as he hasn’t seen any of it), but it’s silly to focus so much on it.

    BTW, second comment is lol, digitalboy. :P

  13. From a comment on Kai’s posts since this should set the record straight:

    kai, the thing here is, what you did was bash on the episode for having a reference as it’s funniest joke when that obviously was not the case. I said from the beginning I was watching it Raw and didn’t understand any of the dialog. I obviously did not even get the jokes at all, so how could I make a statement about which was funniest? And also, you failed because you bashed on references when I happen to love references, meaning that I am biased towards what you are biased against and this doesn’t reflect on the show as a whole. Plus, you decided to pull a bullshit ‘I am better than this show’ act by talking about your high judgementalism towards comedies and then saying how the show had such a ‘long way to go’ when you haven’t even seen the fucking show or know anything about it. All of this was expressed in my reply, just with a few more ‘fucks’ thrown in to express my opinion of you.

    And then you replied with yet another high-and-mighty act by calling me childish, which is utterly bullshit. This is the internet, you don’t take this stuff seriously, which it should have been fairly obvious that I was just playing around with my so-called ‘tantrum’. When you made such a bitch-ass comment, I decided to edit it as I saw fit because at that point, I was unable to respect your opinion and decided I should do whatever I want to your comment.

    As for the Kannagi comments, all I commented on was the animation. I watched 2 episodes of the show, I saw the fucking animation, I shouldn’t have to finish a show to talk about the fucking animation.

    @BigN: Yes, I plan to watch it subbed, which is why this post exists at all.

  14. lololololololol

    Yes, K-ON is amazingly awesome.

    I don’t know about your thoughts since this post is an opinion, not an argument.


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  16. Saw it. I couldn’t find the chuckles, waifu was bored to distraction. The only thing that kept my attention is the gorgeous character designs: [with the (Zangenagi lookalike Mio and the Tsugumi lookalike Yui) – boobs]. The ED will keep me interested, but man it was boring.

  17. Yeah, a bunch of groups have it out but I watched the Coalguys sub. Something to think about for me is that Lucky Star episode 1 was as boring as snail pornography too. While I don’t expect this show to be as awesome as Haruhi or LS, I don’t mind it being very pleasant fluff. I hope episode 2 won’t be as boring as the previews suggest.

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