Basquash ep. 1 – Truly And Utterly Kawamori – STAY TILL THE END!!!

Basquash! is a new Shoji Kawamori show done by Satellite (Arjuna, Noein, Macross Frontier, all excellent). This show is worth watching for visual quality alone. The backgrounds are detailed beyond belief, and really they are hardly backgrounds – this show has a constant feel of dimensionality (holy shit, it’s a word), like you are standing right there in the show’s world. The animation is lively and fast-moving. There are CG mechs which is ordinarily a turn-off but Satellite has consistently handled them very well, making them feel natural with the rest of the show, and they do an even better job of it here than they did on Mac F. The main character’s hair is a little horrible (which is lampshaded in the episode) but the character design cake is wholly eaten by the hottest black girl in anime I’ve seen in a while. She’s got huge tits and it’s rare for me to like that, but she is just so hot it’s incredible. Possibly a bias on my part.

So this show is about mechs playing basketball. Or so I thought. I’m not really sure what this show is after watching it. One, we have mechs playing basketball. Two, the main character wants to travel to the moon. But here’s the clincher – without spoiling anything, the show’s entire setting and plot does a complete 180 after the credits. Like seriously, I had my jaw on the goddamn floor it was so sudden and strange.

Major positives on this show, besides the animation and designs, there was some nice scenes such as (you guessed it) a scene with three idols singing on the backdrop of the main character talking about his dream. Some of the characters seem cool, like the main dude’s sister who’s a Ruri clone and the aforementioned black girl who is full of spunk and has a great voice (and amazing tits. Sorry.) Plus the show was pretty over-the-top the way through (though the ending takes the fucking cake.)

Negatives, the main character is a tiny ball of massive preteen angst. He was pretty much seethign with angst for most of the episode and it made him look likee an utter brat. However, this is a shounen type show, so hopefully his development will be one of the show’s main points. The only other complaint is that I have no idea where the fuck this show is going, especially after the ending.

The best moment was easily when the main character is doing his ridiculously over-the-top basketball scene at the end of the episode and one (hot) girl is so blown away by his awesomeness that she cums her pants. Seriously.

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