Queen's Blade Episode One – TIG OL' BIDDIES!

I came into Queen’s Blade with high hopes. People said this was heavy-fansevice, hyper-nonesense shit with lots of big titties. To some, this already means it sucks, while to others, this makes it awesome. What gave me hope was my pal Shiro, known for liking everything, talking about how awesome it was. When he said that, I got my hopes up that this might be a fun little sexist rampage, but it wasn’t. In fact, I could only sit through about 10 minutes of it before the fake subs stopped being funny and I stopped watching.

First of all, this show’s plot and dialog are so bad I understood all of it. This is only possible when every single line of dialog is a 100% bonafied cliche used in every anime, and this was the case. But I didn’t watch this show for dialog and plot, I watched it for chicks with big titties hitting each other with weird shit.

Unfortunately, this was all failure. The titties were fucking hideous. Queen’s Blade is known apparently for it’s use of ‘fake tits’, seeing as the boobs have no droop whatsoever. I personally hate fake tits (or fake anything on a woman really.) This is why I don’t like most American actresses (or Yui Horie.) The tits in Queens Blade were horrendous. They float there like they are in an invisible bra or something. Plus their shittily dawn and only have a semblance of a nipple. The action and everything was poorly animated, too. So no points in either important departments.

The onl thing left is the expensive voice acting. However, when you don’t have a good script or an emotive character, you very quickly get reminded that seiyuu usually have chirpy, horrifying voices that, if equipped on a real girl, would quickly drive you insane. Kugimiya and Hirano just sound like idiots in their roles.

I’d much rather be watching some real hentai or rewatching Kanokon than watching this shit. I’ve seen hentai with better animation, better character designs, and I watch it with the sound off anyway, so the voice acting wouldn’t matter. Dropped.

2 thoughts on “Queen's Blade Episode One – TIG OL' BIDDIES!

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