K-On! Episode 1 – A Reminder of Why I Love This Genre

Now having watched the first episode subbed, I can safely say that I am extremely excited about K-On. This show already seems to be right up my alley in a great many ways, and it has the kind of qualities of a show that I’ll be likely to rewatch many times in the future. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if I found myself watching this episode a third time before the next episode comes out just because I have so much fun with it.

The show has a lot more plot and fast movement than I think anyone is giving it credit for. I knew this would be a slower, more slice-of-life style show, however this episode featured an entirely linear progression. The jokes within all pertained to the situation and nothing was tangential, so everything that happened was relevant. (For instance, Yui thinking about Krauser appearing was a part of her being scared of going to the room and Ritsu reminding Miu of her promise was obviously important to why they were supposed to start a band together. They were jokes, but related directly to the situation.

In addition, more than a month passes just in this episode. There goes from the girls coming into high school to the club forming, seeing it’s first issue of not having enough members, resolving that issue, and all alongside Yui’s own issue of not having a club to join, coming to decide which one to join, and eventually joining it. We also see the first performance of the group (some people mentioned how it was an underwhelming performance, but this is obviously on purpose. We have a bunch of high school freshmen who just started playing together under a month ago and have been more worried about recruitment than practice.) It’s fair to say that this show will probably continue to move at a pretty decent speed, especially if the trend of jokes being directly related to the plot continues.

The dialog was snappy and fun and very well-acted. I felt the voices were extremely natural to the characters and their environment and none of them was the slightest bit annoying or grating. This also brings forth how the girls all had very fun and balanced personalities. Ritsu is very headstrong and outgoing, but she’s also shown she’s got sense and isn’t outright hyper. Mio is a bit more of the straight-man type character, but she isn’t accusatory or mean (I hate these qualities in a character) and she seems pretty enthused along with everyone else. Tsumugi is more on the moe side of things with being a cute character with a clueless rich girl personality, but once again she isn’t too much of an idiot. Yui is the only one with potential to be bothersome because she is so high-leveled silly and dojikko, however, she makes up for it with some hilariously timed and utterly perfect moments (when her friend asks her what the K-on club does, and she smiles and replies ‘No clue!’ or when she encounters Ritsu and is scared out of her mind.)

Scene transitions were awesome, comedic timing was perfect, jokes were funny, and none of it felt dull or uninteresting. The character designs are cute, the animation is as high-quality as fans have come to expect from Kyoto animation, the music is good (lots of bass, which I LOVE), and there are bound to be some emotionally moving performances as the show continues. I have no complaints, and I can already tell this is a show I’ll be rewatching many times in the future.

And I know I mentioned it in my first post on this episode, but seriously, the ED is SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!! One of the best ending video/song combos ever.

3 thoughts on “K-On! Episode 1 – A Reminder of Why I Love This Genre

  1. Excellent review. You saw the same show I saw. And you had answers for some of the criticisms levelled at the show by the prejudiced. Straightforward plot, good timing, relevant humor, etc. But time will tell what level the show can maintain. I can’t say for sure I’ll be rewatching every episode. I’d better go back and watch ep1 for the third time and see….

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