Sankaku Complex reports on the many K-On MADs already appearing after the first episode. (I suggest skipping the first.) (here for those who don’t know what MADs are.) MADs are a pretty good way to put your fingers on the pulse of what the Japanese fans love about a show. Part of the reason that large parts of the Western fandom think there’s something wrong with anime as a whole is because they don’t agree with the Japanese fandom or are unaware of what they like over there.

This is a pretty good example of where this happens. Western fans have already pretty much turned on Yui just a bit. The extreme-level clumsy girl has been criticized by some, and many have said that only the show’s good writing and promises of development keep her from being totally annoying (I’m actually a bit in this boat.) However, as you will see in these MADs, Yui is easily the most popular character for the Japanese who absolutely love their clumsy, ditzy girls. The MADs mostly take from her ditziest moments, but especailly from the scene of her imagining herself gleefully playing the castanets. This is indisputably the most moe moment in the epsiode, and that combined with the ease of meming it made it a perfect target for MADs.

It’ll be interesting to see how the conflict of interest effects Westerner’s liking of the show. Yui, even if she does develop into less of an idiot, is bound to get many more ditzy moments to please the Japanese audience (you know, the one who actually makes the creators money) whereas those moments will likely push away some of the more skeptical Western fans. Not that it matters, since a show shouldn’t have to be something for everyone, and the audience who appreciates these things will just love it all the more.

I love that we already have a Kirby song video. It seems like it’s mandatory that the Kirby song is the first thing to become a MAD for any show. And this one was pretty funny, especially when game footage enters the background. I hope to see some really high-level MADs for this show as it continues.


4 thoughts on “K-On – LET LOOSE THE MADS!

  1. you said something key here. japanese taste is such a huge factor in anime that people tend to overlook it (or maybe it’s like the big elephant in the room people try to ignore). anime IS japanese. deal with it or go away…

    on Yui, maybe after living in Japan for 5 years I’m more lenient than most, but there’s one point I think it’s clear: in Japan and outside of Japan, there are loads of “clumsy” high schoolers. Hell, there’s far more of them than the super cool, mature, courageous high school heroes that many fans like to see! Come to think of it, most people on this planet are downright idiotic so I don’t see what’s the fuss with Yui being clumsy..

  2. WTF is MAD ? You just expect everyone to know it ? Whats that, Mutually Assured Destruction ? I would think so.
    Also, fuck Sankaku for posting those unplayable videos.
    I was too much of an idiot to follow the wikipedia link.

  3. @ak: lol, indeed. I’ve never understood why people hate characters who are a little dumber or more emo… only wan to watch shows with people they can respect. Won’t learn much about people that way.

    @karry: I provided a fucking link, goddammit. Also, those videos are from niconicodouga. You can’t complain if you don’t have the balls to go research and figure out how the vids work.

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