Natsu no Arashi 2, Saki 2, 07-Ghost 1, Shangri-La 1, DBKai 2, Basquash 2 – Quick Comments

Rapid-fire comments on a few shows. I will also mention that there are some shows I’m watching but am holding off on posting about for now. Tears to Tiara, FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Marie and Gali, Eden of the East, Kigurumikku, and Guin Saga will get posts later when I get a better feel for them or get my thoughts together. For now, here’s some quick thoughts on some of the current season shows…

1. Natsu no Arashi 1-2 – Dropped, dropped, dropped like a brick. It’s Shaft, it’s Shinbo, I don’t care, I am dropping the fuck out of this show. First things first, the character designs are fugly as hell. It’s hard to even take them seriously at all they are so hideous. Next, the show’s art style is ungodly horrible. I have no idea what Shinbo is thinking with those polygonal lighting techniques, but they give me hemorrhoids. There are occasional bits of unique and cool animation, but I don’t care about that when I’m watching a show so boring I can hardly keep myself awake through it. Giant pile of shit, next.

2. Saki 2 – I still don’t know what to make of Saki. It pretty much sucks, the mahjong is boring, and not just because I don’t understand it. The crazy parts are fun and all, but it means wading through a boring ‘shit happens’ game. Saki’s luck is just not interesting. What’s fun about a player who’s so insanely lucky she wins all the fucking time? What made fellow mahjong anime Akagi so interesting was the intensity of the mahjong games, and this show has none of that. And yet, I haven’t dropped it. I’m giving this show as long as I can tolerate it. The character designs are extremely attractive and the voice acting is good. And at one a week for a little of my time, that’s worth at least watching, if perhaps sped-up.

3. 07-Ghost 1 – Boring, shitty crap. no Name got my hopes up for this, but it’s obvious that he only likes this show because he is gay. Because this show is pretty fucking gay.

4. Shangri-La – This is just utterly fucking terrible. I couldn’t last beyond 10 minutes (though I did fast forward to the fights). It was boring, stupid as all fuck, takes itself WAY too seriously, is a complete waste of murata’s excellent designs, and whats more even the fights were godawful. When you can’t even make the fights entertaining, you’re fucked.

5. Dragon Ball Kai 1-2 – Finally one I’m actually enjoying! I was never a huge DBZ fan back in the day. Funeral was immensely into it, but I was far more into Pokemon back then. That said, I still did manage to see the greater portion of it. I’m glad to see this show remastered and with all the excess shit taken out. It’s a nice spot of nostalgia and, frankly, I don’t dislike shounen action shows if they can remain entertaining, and the promise of a ‘shounen action show with no filler’ is very nice.

6. Basquash 2 – This show gets more and more ridiculous and stays just as fun. This is really what it means to be entertaining, and if it can keep that up I am all in. My brother is already putting this as one of his favorites, haha. I’ll be paying most attention to the plethora of cute girls, with Miyuki remaining one of my top 5 or so designs of the year so far.

Anyway, that’s just some stuff I didn’t have much to say about, but enough that I dodn’t want to stay silent~ there will be more as the season progresses~

The Drop List (so far): Natsu no Arashi, 07-ghost, Shangri-La, Phantom, Queen’s Blade – The Stuff I’m Not Watching, Period List: Asura Cryin’, Slap up Party, Polyphonica, Valyria Chronicles, Hanasakeru, Tayutama, Hatsukoi Limited

3 thoughts on “Natsu no Arashi 2, Saki 2, 07-Ghost 1, Shangri-La 1, DBKai 2, Basquash 2 – Quick Comments

  1. So you agree with me warrants should be issued for the shangri-la people’s arrest, on the charge of “vandalizing Range Murata’s art for no good reason”. 5 years in prison, I should think.

  2. 07 Ghost: It’s literally gay.
    Natsu no Arashi – I love Shaft, especially said director (Zetsubou Sayonara Sensei was an awesome show in my opinion), but yea, wtf is going on with this show?

  3. “What’s fun about a player who’s so insanely lucky she wins all the fucking time? ”

    You mean “plus/minus zeroes” all the fucking time. :P

    I don’t see anything wrong with things being taken seriously in Shangri-la, but oh well.

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