Scryed and PaniPoni Dash After Several Years – No Internet? FUZAKENNA!!!!!!

I lost internet on Friday thanks to freak router accident. To give you an idea of how devastating it was, this was when my mom had just got a new computer, my younger brother’s laptop had just come back from over a month of repairs, and we all had just gotten on Spring Break. Plus I was finally following the current season. This is pretty normal for our family – we have extraordinarily back luck in these situations. I’ve been leaching weak-ass local connections in the meantime, occasionally getting little bursts of internet, like now, but I get my real internet back anywhere between this afternoon and Thursday. I would have waited and done a longer post, but I’m in a marathoning duplex and wanted to get some things off of my chest. I’ll be brief.

I finally finished S-cry-ed after 6 years! I’d originally seen 10 episodes and eventually got up to 17 last summer, but I finally finished it last night! The show was great, and the final episode was amazing. Definitely one of my favorite fights in anime history. The show makes my favorites list for sheer strength of spirit, much like G Gundam, in spite of it’s relatively weak plot and characters. This one also had awesome directing and a lack of filler that puts it just a smidge above G Gundam for me. The show was a blast and a half, but I’ll truly never forget it’s greatest contribution to my life – my favorite Japanese word, FUZAKENNA!!!!

It’s also taken me a goddamn long time to finish Pani Poni Dash! I started collecting the DVDs a few months after Zetsubou Sensei began in late 07 since I’d just learned about Shinbo. I actually got the 3rd through 6th DVDs that Christmas, but I only ever watched 15 episodes because the show was simply too much for me. Thanks to No Name’s forcing me (:p) I finished the rest of the show, and I was certainly not disappointed. I think this show is brutally underrated  – I can’t say I’ve ever seen more effort put into a show by it’s staff. Reading interviews with the team and so forth really lets you now how much fun they had making this show, and the show is so incredibly thorough that nothing else even compares to it, except maybe Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and even then I’m not sure it reaches such a level.

Though it’s not an absolute favorite of mine, I will definitely say that I think PPD deserves to be called one of the greatest comedy anime ever made. It’s one of the most thoroughly stylistic anime I’ve ever seen, has a truly unique and awesome cast of characters with superb designs, an absolutely incredible vocal cast (deserves a post all it’s own), has hilarious jokes of every possible type, sometimes all going at once, and leaves no stone left unturned. It is about as close as I think you can get to comedic perfection.

3 thoughts on “Scryed and PaniPoni Dash After Several Years – No Internet? FUZAKENNA!!!!!!

  1. “The show was great, and the final episode was amazing. ” <– I haven’t seen a knock-down drag-out fight as fun as that one in anime since. Great stuff between Kazuma and Ryuhou there. :P

  2. Yeah, what TheBigN said. s-CRY-ed seems to neatly condense and distill some of the best elements of the shounen action genre into a relatively short story. I’m not entirely convinced by its animation, but I know very little about animation so I’m prepared to defer to others on that one.


  3. A lot of people seem to negatively comment on it’s animation, but I think it’s great considering this was 2001, though there was also shit like Arjuna and Boogiepop Phantom that aired that year with much better. LEts just call it ‘above average’ but mostly I loved all the wacky visual filters.

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