Can the New Mazinger's 'LOLQUALITY' Animation Be Justified by OldSchool Status?

The first complaint most people are likely to have about Shin Mazinger Shougeki Z-Hen is that it makes no damn sense, but right behind that is the complaint that the animation sucks a fat, loaded cock. As many of us find the insanity of the show to be one of it’s strong points, the later is the only complaint really remaining. However, is it really a negative? The phrase ‘it’s not a bug, it’s a feature’ comes to mind as we seek justification for the craptastic animation.

Shin Mazinger is in every way meant to be a throwback to the Good Ol’ days of 70s super robot anime. Which is of course, since it’s a Mazinger series which is one of the classics. It’s also directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa, who directed both G Gundam and Giant Robo in the 90s, both of which are similar throwbacks to the old school notable for not doing them in a mocking way, but being honest-to-god wacked-out, epic, manly super robot shows.

Now, when the complaint about animation comes up, many have stated that this keeps the show closer to the old school. After all, the 70s were full of shitty animation techniques like looped footage and super-low frame-rate. To some fans of those old school anime, they may enjoy seeing the shitty animation applied to Mazinger, a total classic. It is also possible that some of this is done on purpose. There were moments in the first episode where some really cool animation techniques were used that belay the lowness of budget. Now, I’m sure the budget still sucks, but maybe they thought since this was old school it wouldn’t matter if they looped some footage here and there.

However, I can’t really support the idea that shitty animation is justified by old school style. I love super robot type stories, but I’d much rather see them done nicely than look like shit. After all, Giant Robo had superb production values and they greatly enhanced the epic experience. And besides, Shin Mazinger isn’t using cels. It’s all computer animated, and very blatantly so, which doesn’t lend to an old-school aesthetic whatsoever. It very much looks like a shitty modern show rather than an old one.

I’m sure each viewer will have their own thoughts on the matter, but for me, the animation in the new show reamins a ‘complaint’.

5 thoughts on “Can the New Mazinger's 'LOLQUALITY' Animation Be Justified by OldSchool Status?

  1. It’s a mix of both. They take the ‘old school approach’ and use it to get away with some (or a lot) of shortcuts. It hasn’t gotten in the way of an enjoyable viewing experience for me yet, so it’s all good. I don’t think Giant Robo OVA suffered much of this due to having an OVA budget, but if I do complain about the animation in Shin Mazinger it’s not a major one.

  2. I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t enjoy this show EVEN MORE if the animation were better. That said, I have the funny feeling this “classic look” is going to grow on me and that eventually I won’t want it to be otherwise..

  3. To be completely honest, I never really noticed the supposedly poor animation…

    Though that might have something to do with the fact I’ve just finished watching Dancouga Nova >_>

  4. You can’t compare OVA and weekly TV budgets, really, but for me the show looks good enough.

    Giant Robo took months, if not more, for each of the seven entries to come out and apparently even then they were spending too much.

    If this was supposed an OVA, I’d complain about the animation. Since it isn’t, I don’t seem much of a point.

    Then again, I’ve never cared for the idea of “lolquality” either so…whatever floats your boat.

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