SEN☆BASA ~ MOTTEKE☆KOJYUUROO – Sengoku BasaraxLucky Star +a

Many thanks to Miasmacloud of (best. domain. ever.) for pointing this video out.

When I think about it, there are a lot of similarities between Sengoku Basara and Lucky Star and I may like them for similar reasons. Both of them are silly, fun shows aimed at an audience pre-disposed to enjoing them. Just as Lucky Star is a placid comedy with the dressing of otaku culture, SenBasa is a period samurai drama with the dressing of over-the-top epic manliness. Both have fun characters who the fans like to draw engaged in gay sex. I think this video also brings out the inate cuteness in Sengoku Basara. Hopefully this doesn’t shrivel up any of your huge Man-boners.


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