JAM Project x Idolm@ster – NicoMAD of the Now

For those who missed my last post involving Nico Nico Douga, I’ve recently been addicted to the site many would call ‘otaku youtube.’ In a comment on my last post, Moritheil was kind enough to point out this post on Nico Nico for Dummies, for those of you who don’t know Japanese and want to make an account. You’ll need it, because this video was unfortunately un-findable on youtube (well, I didn’t look that hard), and Nico videos are only viewable with an account and also not imbed-able unless you meet in person with Nico execs (which I guess Sankaku did, the bastards.)

So this video is Idolmaster meets JAM Project. For those who don’t know, Idolmaster is like a rhythm game with dancing pop idols who also happen to all be lolis. It’s a huge thing on Nico Nico, and Berserk manga artist Kentaro Miura recently put his series on hold for 4 months to play Idolmaster (apparently it actually takes that long to beat O-o) If there is one thing that otaku like almost as much as moe, it’s manly epicness, so it’s no surprise that the most epic, manly band around, JAM Project, is featured in a lot of Nico videos. Today, they are the background for Idolmaster awesomeness.

This video is great the whole way through, totally resembling a real JAM Project video whih is awesome, but it really gets great when about a minute’s left and some epic stuff goes down leading to an ending that puts a huge smile on my face. Watch the excellence here if you have a Nico account!

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