More Awesome Anime Moms! – Mothers Day Special

We Remember Love did an awesome team post on anime moms for mother’s day. They covered 4 great moms, one of which is among my own favorites (Takehara Fusa). I liked their post (as always) but I wanted to highlight some more awesome moms for the world to see. I love my own mom, who is closer to me than almost anyone, and I always like to see great moms in anime as well. Happy mother’s day to all the great moms in the world!

Note: There are almost no livin moms in anime! As a result, I ended up with some surrogate mothers and the occasional ghost. But all deserve mother’s day recognition!

Delia Ketchum/Hanako – Mother of Ash Ketchum/Satoshi – Pokemon!

Ash’s mom is probably the first anime mom I’ve been aquainted with and pretty much the first person who comes to mind when I think ‘anime mom.’ She’s got all the usual qualities of a doting and caring mother – she worries constantly about her son, makes sure he changes his underwear every day and keeps his teeth brushed, and cooks him a massive feast every time he comes home. She’s the type to always be saying ‘that’s my Ash!’ whenever he does something great. Seeing as she’s the only family he has and likely the only influence he’s had, we can guess that she’s where Ash got his strong morals. After all, she’ll grab him by the ear if he says something stupid and she’s pretty strict abotu getting him to bed on time!

Delia really shows her stuff when she gets her first really major role in the 3rd movie, Pokemon 3 Spell of the Unknown. Her old friend, Professor Spencer, disappears, leaving behind his daughter, Molly. Delia gets worried about Molly and decides to head to the mansion, where Ash and friends happen to reach themselves, only to find it crystilized with the power Molly gets fromt the Unknown. She wishes to have a mom and dad, the dad having already appeared in the form of Entei. Entei sees Delia in a picture and comes to take her to Molly (leading to the best line ever: “You. Are. MOMMA!”) When Delia comes to the room, she is at first under a spell that brainwashes her into thinking she’s Molly’s mom. She gets out of the brainwashing, though, and still takes care of Molly carefully, trying to help her get through the whole incident. Bravo, Delia, for being a caring super-mom who won’t let anyone down!

I forced No Name to write about Balsa, since I haven’t seen enough of the show and he wanted her in.

Balsa – Surrogate Mother of Chagum – Seirei no Moribito

Balsa, a wandering warrior who claims to be a simple bodyguard for hire but she wields her spear to save lives to atone for the lives that were taken to protect her. She vows to never kill again. She is pragmatic, intelligent, and so much more. On her journey she is hired to become the bodyguard of prince Chagum who bears the egg of a water spirit. His father is convinced that it would bring destruction to the country, so Chagum was secretly condemned to death.

All of the characters are human that you can’t help but relate to. Chagum starts out as a bratty kid who becomes the most developed character in the show imo. This could only have happened because of Balsa. She’s his pillar of support. She worries about how to raise him, but shows a lot of affection. Giving him her words of wisdom. Though at times like a father who wants to train the son to become a better person. Kind, stern, but can be quite protective at times. Her vow not to kill was almost broken when Chagum was put in danger. She loses all reason and seriously tries to kill the guy because he was a major threat.

Akiko Minase – Mother of Nayuki Minase – Kanon

Akiko must be one hell of a MILF because I’ve never seen another mom appear in so many damn doujins! Akiko is admittedly a fairly average anime mom, the kind who smiles all the time, makes sure everyone is taken care of, is absurdly nice, and cooks extremely delicious food (excluding her JAM FROM HELL!) But really, there’s nothing wrong with being a normal, caring parent, right? They should definitely be given credit! Akiko doesn’t always default to the background, though, and unlike a lot of the caring anime mom characters, she isn’t ditzy or there just for comedy. Akiko is very intelligent and often gives sage advice to Yuuichi when he needs it, proving that her place in the story is very needed, and that she is as wise as she is kind. While I’d hate to spoil, she also gets hit by a car later in the show, leading to all kinds of emotional greatness, and she toughs it out, trying as hard as she can to keep her condition from making anyone worry too much.

Kanata Izumi – Late Mother of Konata Izumi – Lucky Star

Kanata is unfortunately dead. You’d think this means that she doesn’t play into the story much, but in episode 23 of Lucky Star, Kanata’s ghost pays the house a visit and watches the life of her family as Konata’s dad recalls when she was alive. Kanata admittedly didn’t have much time to be a mother to Konata, being as she died when Konata was a toddler. However, her legacy lives on in the way that she impacted the life of Konata’s father, which is why he’s able to be as great a parent as he is. She taught him what it meant to love someone and take care of them, and she gave him the sort of confidence and love that he could pass into a child to raise them well. Also, she watches over Konata even from the afterlife, making sure that she is growing up well. Her caring from her family keeps her eternally at their side, and that’s some beautiful stuff.

Eureka – Surrogate Mother of Maurice, Maeter, and Linck – Eureka Seven

Okay, so she’s obviously not their birth-mother. But she’s been raising them since she was like, what, 12? She needs some damn credit! Eureka tries as hard as she can to keep the kids happy and as much as sane after they had to watch her mercilessly slaughter their parents when they were babies. She quickly becomes the only person they can trust and they become very prootective of their ‘mama’. The kids get worried when they think their mama will be swept away by love and taken from them, but as the series progresses they gain respect for Renton as well and all 5 of them come together more and more as a family. I really, really don’t want to spoil anything, but the scenes with the 5 of them alone in the later episodes are some of the most touching family moments I’ve ever seen, and around here Eureka really earns her right to be called mama.

Haruko Kamio – Foster Mother/Aunt of Misuzu Kamio – Air

And now we’re getting to my favorite mom in anime and lead of by far the most compelling and touching mother-child relationship in anime. Haruko was not meant to be a mother. She’s young, she’s irresponsible, and she loves to be drunk as often as possible. Misuzu was left with her after being abandoned by her deadbeat, broken-up parents, and was only a problem for Haruko, who enjoyed her independance. To make matters worse, Misuzu has a problem where getting close to people mentally destroys her. Haruko has purposefully kept herself distant from Misuzu, both out of fear for her mental health and fear that Misuzu would one day be taken back by her real parents.

All that changes, though, when Misuzu’s condition worsens. Haruko finally realizes that she can’t live with herself being seperate from Misuzu, who she loves with all of her heart. She tears herself up with regret over never being a real mother, and decides to dedicate everthing to taking care of Misuzu. This becomes especially (heart-wrenchingly) difficult when Misuzu mentally regresses to early childhood with no recollection of Haruko’s existence. She has to bear with the pain of her existence being erased and the fact that the young Misuzu rejects her, but she takes all that pain in and still mothers Misuzu with all her skill. She eventually earns back Misuzu’s trust and love to the point where Misuzu accepts her purely as her mother. It’s one of the most beautiful and touching plots I’ve seen, and had Air been just this story, it probably could be one of my favorite anime. Bravo, Haruko, for pulling through and being the most memorable anime mom ever!

10 thoughts on “More Awesome Anime Moms! – Mothers Day Special

  1. I avoided teh spoilerrific examples and will react on your curious choice of Mrs. ghosty herself. I think the case you presented makes her more awesome as a waifu than a mother, but never mind. I don’t doubt that she would’ve been awesome had she lived, and would’ve curbed some of the extreme otakuness that characterized the husband and daughter that survived her, not that there’s anything outright wrong with them.

    I would love to react on your Eureka section but I’m just discovering her specifically in her role as mother when she had to ask Renton about what to do with Maetel (awesome Leijiverse reference) in episode 08 which I’m watching at present. I’ll be watching some more now! ^_^

  2. @gl: yeah, it needs to be mentioned that this post is about mothers who are great as of the end of their series, lol. E7’s all about development, so it really has to come along.

  3. I think it’s just that one of E7‘s characters is named after Maetel — but since I don’t know much about Galaxy Express, there may have been some references that I missed.

    One of the impressive things about Balsa’s stint as a foster mother is how much she achieves in a relatively short amount of time.

  4. @oh you: I don’t think she was ever motherly to him. He thought of her as a ‘third choice’ more than anything.

    @ak: or you could watch it because it’s the greatest anime ever

  5. +1 for Haruko. The Haruko-Misuzu plotline was my favorite storyline from the Air/Kanon/Clannad combo. Equally heart-wrenching and heart-warming.

  6. Fucking YES on Haruko. I am a total sucker for anything family-related in anime, especially parent-child relationships, so I adore AIR and Haruko. Watching their relationship develop is one of the most emotional plots I’ve ever seen in an anime. Gets to me every time I think about it.

  7. Looks like we’re all in agreement for Haruko. I never thought I’d like a parent-child tragedy over a boy-girl one, but by the end of the series, I couldn’t care less about what’s-his-name.

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