Fuzakenna TV – My Absurdly Epic Plans For This Kickass Service

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EDIT: Holy shit, just overnight, Mogulus changed their name to Livestream O_o

Several days ago, I was introduced to the video channel creating service Mogulus through The Gaming Dungeon‘s Mogulus-powered TV channel. After a few days of listening, I had quickly heard all of the songs on there too damn many times, so I went and found out how to make my own channel. And did. What I didn’t expect was how I could find out that I could use this channel to bring a whole new style of blogging to the anime sphere – a combination of interactive TV and podcasting that is sure to yield amazing results.

Now, first things first, my channel runs at all times, so you can click over and always see something. There is currently over two and a half hours of looping videos that plays on it’s own with me coming in and subbing in other videos at random and constantly adding new videos to the loop or changing their order to keep the loop from getting too dull (since I’ve now heard it like 50 times). All of my choices are otaku-related videos that contain both music and entertaining videos so that you can watch and be entertained or just leave the window open separately and listen to the music (which I do at all times myself.)

Aside from the 2.5-hours-and-growing main loop, there are also well over an hour’s worth of videos that you can access using the ‘on-demand’ button in the video area. These are videos that I often sub into the stream for special reasons (lets say something awesome just happened, I may play YATTA! for laughs.) So if you’re tired of the stream or there’s a particular song you don’t like, you can always play something from the on-demand section instead. My ultimate goal is for the main loop to be at least 24 hours long and add more and more to the on-demand section as I go.

The video service also provides a chat window below where you can come in and discuss things like the video playing, just have an open chat, or use it for the awesome thing I’m about to detail to you.

Its a trap!

It's a trap!

Now, what I didn’t know going into this was that this video service allows me to use my web-cam to go live on my channel. It also allows me to record these live airings and keep them in my on-demand sections for future use. The prospects of awesomeness here should be obvious – I can do video-casting! I can easily just do a podcast-style thing with video, and then keep it in the on-demand section for future viewers to enjoy. But there’s much more!

Because the chat room is attached to the video feed, I can easily have interactive lives. By scheduling the recording of my casts, I can allow people to chat with me directly while I’m filming. Therefor, say i was doing a lecture-style video, and at the end, I asked the audience for questions, they could send them to me in the chat, I can read the questions aloud and answer them. I think this could be hugely beneficial to a series like this, because it’d be like having preemptive comments. One of the coolest things about a post is how the comments can add points to it, and this can help even further by allowing immediate reactions and thickening of points. I think it’d be a great experience. But there’s more still!

This last element I haven’t tested, so I don’t really know how well it works, but apparently I can stream cameras from different locations on my channel. And I think I might actually be able to have two or more cameras going at the same time! So lets say I wanted to do a podcast with ghostlightning – I know he has a webcam, so if I figur out how to wire us both into a chat, we can do a two-man discussion cast WITH interactive chat. I think that’d be insanely awesome. I will try to test this capability out soon, with No Name’s help :p

So anyway, my plans for Fuzakenna TV are pretty damn epic, and it should be taking on a life as a pretty major part of my blog. Whether you just want some awesome otaku-centric music while you browse the net, are in the mood for some awesome videos from crazy Japanese sites, or want to be a part of an in-depth live discussion, there is something to find in Fuzakenna TV!

8 thoughts on “Fuzakenna TV – My Absurdly Epic Plans For This Kickass Service

  1. Hello there. I was trying to contact you.

    What you’re doing with Mogulus seems pretty darn epic indeed! Thanks to you I got introduced with this service and so I’m trying to put up a little one as well for my own favorite animeme videos. I’ve been idling around your playlist for a while, your stuff is WINNER! Thanks and more power to your master plans.

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