Angel Beats and the "Ghost" of Key – Screaming "Otaku!" 03 – Comic

I have no idea what happened to Joe’s poor hat in panel three… eraser accident? Yeah, now it’s not just a shitty stick figure comic, but one with colored pencil! Angel Beats! is the new multimedia project from Key which will get an anime sometime. If you’ve played any visual novels or seen their anime adaptions, you may know that most of the characters, especially in Key stories, are going to die, are dying, or have some terrible illness. So it kind of makes you wonder how it’ll be handled if all the characters are already dead!

Key fans may recognize the fourth panel as the clinic scene from episode 3 of Air. Panel 6 is a reference to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, featuring Rena Ryuugu. It’s not Key, though Ryukishi07 is working with them lately. The last panel is, of course, a reference to the legendary quote from Fate/Stay Night.

Oh, and I think I should do a little character introduction. The guy with the hat is Joe, who is an angry man with a sword that kicks massive amounts of ass. The other is Jon, a coward and idiot with secret hidden powers. They have been the star of many stick figure comics over the years, starting with the continuing canon epic Joe and Jon Stick Crusaders. I’ve been drawing them since I was like 11. Joe apparently shares the Green Lantern’s ability to randomly change his race. The constant hairstyle changes are my weak attempt at being Shinbo-esque.

3 thoughts on “Angel Beats and the "Ghost" of Key – Screaming "Otaku!" 03 – Comic

  1. Oh, and on another note, I thought Angel Beats! was of some relation to Beat Angel Escalayer and was a little disappointed when I realized it was simply another Key property that wasn’t Planetarian.

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