Stop Blogging About the Illegalization of Loli and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

This is why shit doesn’t get done. Every time there’s been a movement in the wordlwide ban of loli, there have been a subsequent plethora of blog posts about it. But hey, here’s a thought, YOU ARE DOING NOTHING. What’s the point of typing a long, bitchy rant about how loli should be legal to a league of people who already agree and know? The people you need to be talking to are the OUTSIDERS. Start protesting! Start writing letters to judges and government officials! Get something going in the media! We are currently going nowhere. Every civil rights movement with any impact has to be huge. For fuck’s sake, gay people rally all over the united states and they STILL can’t get married, and you think anyone’s going to care about the ban of loli when there’s not even a voice against it? Quit effectively talking to yourself and get active. If you truly believe in the justice of loli, there should be nothing holding you back.


11 thoughts on “Stop Blogging About the Illegalization of Loli and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

  1. Luckily, your rant is short, so it doesn’t get too hypocritical.

    Personally, I feel that a lot of people even in the anime fandom still aren’t familiar with Handley’s case and the like. It’s no use fighting a one-man war against the government; ’tis more useful to fire up your supporters first, and to gain a backing, with these seemingly useless blog posts, before going off to make your movement. At least, I believe that.

    So consider the posts by Randall et. al to be less of preaching to the quire, and more of a pep talk, that a coach would make to his team, or a commencement speaker to his students. A speech to convince them that something needs to be done.

    Well, in any case, I shouldn’t debate at too long a length with you, since I think we still are on the same side here.

  2. I agree that rallying support is important, but it’s like Jesus, we’ve been talking about this for like a year. I’m just tired of hearing about it. Every time I turn my head, it comes up again, and then spreads like wildfire to all the blogs. I just wish we’d stop talking and take some action.

  3. *checks own handle*
    Is my ass covered? Cool.

    CCY – “quire” aside, that is the most intelligent comment I have seen from you in the ‘sphere. You leveled up at Fanime! My brilliance must have rubbed off on you (and other things, but mostly my brilliance).

    As for the topic at hand, meh.

    I think conflating loli bans with issues of civil rights is a bit misleading. Freedom of speech is only a civil liberty, after all. One that all should be entitled to in my world view, but it’s still a separate issue entirely. That’s all from me for now.

    P.S. digi why are you typing this up instead of marching out? GET YA GAAAANZ AAAAAAAAHN

  4. LOLIkit: I’m not marching out because I don’t really care about the whole thing. IMO, the government just wants to illegalize everything so that they can have everyone committing a crime, so that you are never fully protected by the law. I.e. they can control you better. I don’t think there’s anyone left in the US who isn’t doing something illegal. And I’m a very ‘cover my own ass’ kind of guy.

  5. Actually a great deal has been done about it: the porn industry itself has been fighting the “lolicon” war for decades. Look up United States v. Paul F. Little for example. There are also efforts by the CBLDF, as they stand against censorship in fictional authorship. Bloging is not insignificant as you claim: both Time Magazine and CNN acknowledge that it is becoming more powerful as the days crawl forward. Indeed the victory of President Obama during the 2008 elections has been partially accredited to bloging and online activity.

    One main problem is that we’re not unifying our efforts as one. The CBLDF doesn’t want to associate itself with the porn industry, who in turn does not want to officially affiliate itself with Japanese cartoons (as they put it). The gay and lesbian community became significantly more powerful, when they rallied as one. Same goes for minority races during political elections: alone Blacks and Hispanics only make about 15% of the population… but together they’re a more impressive block of 30%.

    Another is that we don’t have a central ideology to unify under. Erogers are highly individual, and let’s be honest here, unsympathetic for other fetishes. Many a lolicon fan could careless what happens to guro, and vice versa. We have to awaken to the obvious reality that the opposition is focusing on one item at a time, the ‘ole divide and conquer method, and we NEED to support and rally for the kinds of eroge we don’t personally like. On that same token: support and protect real life pornography (even if you hate 3D girls). Whatever laws punish the actresses and actors in Hollywood, rolls downhill and impacts us as well. If it gets blacklisted in reality, it gets outlawed in fantasy.

    Perhaps the biggest issue at hand: we don’t have a charismatic leader to lead our charge. Larry Flint saved pornography in the 70’s and 80’s – he rallied the base. Who among us has the will, determination, resources, and refusal to accept defeat? For eroge in the western hemisphere, only Peter Payne of JLIST comes to immediate mind… however having listened to him speak, there’s a lot of complications in just getting ourselves heard in the “mainstream” pornography crowd: much less those who hate porn.

    Long story short: bloging is a beginning. It shows there’s more than a handful of us around. You’re right: we need to do more than blog – but we also need to come to the reality that we’re weak and scattered. Bloging is all we can do, until someone rises up and becomes our messiah. We need a leader and movement to get behind. The seeds of the movement are obviously there. Who will be the leader to organize us as one?

  6. @Nargrakhan: Alright, you got me. Now I too feel I must support this movement. You’ve tapped into my inner revolutionary.

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