Dammit, Captain, I'm a Blogger, Not a Reporter! (Fuzakenna Status Report)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a sort of status report post on here, partly due to Twitter being a veritable status report machine. However, Twitter doesn’t keep your thoughts together very well or make anything feel ‘official’. A post like this is better as a sort of ‘you are here’ message to myself.

I want to start big and narrow it down, so for starters I’ll talk about my offline situation. I’m graduating high school in about 2 weeks. As such, for the past couple months, all I’ve really been thinking about it graduating and haven’t really done much on the side besides blog. I’m only kind of sure what will happen afterward.

I plan to go to the local community college next semester. I hadn’t actually decided what to take until a few days ago when my parents suggested journalism and I realized that it was a damn god idea. Aside from that, my career plan is incredibly general. I want to be a director, a writer, and a musician – basically, I want to be all over the entertainment industry. Directing is my focus, and I had originally planned to get straight to that, but now I’ve been slowing down more and more, trying to boil my talents down to a science and perfect them somewhat before charging forward.

As for anime and blogging, which have become more and more important in my life, my focus has been more on favorites than ever before. I’m getting further into rewatch and analysis, and kind of distancing myself from more general anime posts in favor of talking about specific series.

As you may have seen, Fuzakenna has been expanding and renovating a good bit lately. Ever since I got my own domain, I had made the decision to take blogging more seriously, and now I’m turning it u to max by adding all of the features I’ve always wanted my blog to have. I’ve always had the high hope of being one of the biggest blogs in the sphere, and nw I’m trying to set things up for when I’ll be able to make that leap. Generally, I’m opening a bunch of doors, and filling the corresponding rooms with cool stuff, and once I’ve poured in enough cool stuff, I think people will start to take interest and join along for the ride.

I’ve renovated the blog heavily this week, mostly in appearance, as well as cutting out some useless crap that never updates in favor of stuff who’s purpose I want to grow. I’m sure everyone’s seen the buttons added to the front page, and I also made all of the other pages prettier and still plan to do more on that train of thought. So now I want to explain exactly where I’m going with the site piece by piece.

The Epic Journey: The Epic Journey has evolved a bit since it started in November, and it will be much more prominent than before. While it started as a much more general pronouncing of the things I loved in a given show, now it’s getting more specific and in-depth. After my *excellent* and fun to make FLCL posts, I’m not only planning to expand on future epic journey posts, but I’m going to go back to the ones I’ve already done and add a lot onto them. This isn’t really surprising since examining my favorites is the biggest part of my fandom. Likely Frequency: All the time, whenever.

Fuzakenna TV: Now that Ghostlightning and I have had a (somewhat) successful videocast, I definitely want to do a lot more with this service. Patz of the Gaming Dungeon has also experimented with some cool tricks that I want to employ. I have high hopes for FTV. Likely Frequency: The channel runs 24/7 and I’m still expanding on it, but scheduled events will probably happen bi-weekly or so.

Forum: I honestly have not actually planned anything special for the forum, I just think it’s a nice thing to have.

Reviews & Highlights: These sections will largely continue as they are, though I’ve made them much prettier. I really wish I had some other writers to contribute to the highlights. Likely Frequency: I would really love to do a highlight at least weekly, but I need more people to work on it, and reviews just seem to happen when they happen.

Must Watch List (page not yet published): I have been long working on a page that will be a giant ‘must watch’ list based on historical and influential significance. I’ll be trying to make it interesting.

Screaming “Otaku”: Lol, I’ve been drawing stick figures forever and I’ve always wanted a webcomic. There’s really no harm in doing these and I have a lot of fun with it, so they’ll be continuing as long as I feel like doing them. Likely Frequency: Something like 3-7 times a week.

The Collective Fanworks of Digital Boy (page not yet created): I’ve been getting more and more into the idea of trying my hand at fiction again, including fanfiction. There will be a mix of original stories and anime-based ones that I feel like doing. Likely Frequency: This could range anywhere from weekly to monthly depending on my ideas.

So basically, my plan here is to get my hands in as many pots as possible so that I can cover all kinds of blogging styles and subjects, but keep it even more personal, honest, and interesting. my posts from now on should semi-systematically fall into all of the above categories.


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