"Otaku" Memories – Screaming "Otaku!" 04 – Comic

Hi, I’m digital boy, and I’m a fucking idiot! I accidentally erase large portions of images while editing and don’t notice it till it’s too late! Then I do a really shitty cover-up job! Please kill me!

Anywho, this comic is based on a true story. Back in 03 when Funeral and I got into anime, I used to be obsessed with magazine making (the precursor to blogging.) I made a 22-page thing called “Top 20 anime and manga” which had top 20 lists, reviews done by Funeral and I over the phone, none of which was more than a paragraph of us talking about how insanely violent all of our favorite shows were. Funeral is represented by Jon in this comic, who’s reviews were ALL given 10/10 ratings. And yes, back then, my favorite manga was Naruto, and Inuyasha was one of my favorite anime (though I actually think this magazine may have been made before it starting airing on Cartoon Network.

These are the reasons I don’t really dislike shounen anime, as they are fine for the people of their demographic, I just don’t like teenagers who watch them and then won’t watch anything else >_<

There are a number of impossible to decifer referrential hairstyles in here. In panel 4, Jon is supposed to look like Sanousuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin. In panel 5, I failed horribly at making him look like Inuyasha (he looks like the older elf guy in the lord of the rings), and in 6, I failed at making him look like Astro Boy, while Joe is wearing a Naruto headband. In the laast panel, John’s helmet is a reference to the helmet dudes from Megaman.

6 thoughts on “"Otaku" Memories – Screaming "Otaku!" 04 – Comic

  1. LOL, I actually did think the dude in panel 5 was the elf dude. The helmet dudes are called Met/Mettaur and their helmets are indestructible.

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