Norio Wakamoto Destroys the World With "Manliness" – Screaming "Otaku" 05 – Comic

This one is pretty straightforward, for those who don’t know Norio Wakamoto, he is the greatest voice actor to ever live, known especially for his deep voice and ability to say words extremely dragged out and manly sounding. This in particular is a reference to my favorite role by him as Gustav in Baccano! where he continually refers to his assistant, Carol, in an absurdly drawn-out fashion as “KYAAAARRRORU”. I’m trying to simplify the art a little (AS IF IT NEEDED TO BE MORE SIMPLE LOL) and make the joke more linear so that it’s easier to follow, since the last 2 comics were a little confusing I thought.

Just so everyone knows, these comics aren’t threatening to overtake my blog or anything, but with school near to ending I don’t have as much time for huge research posts and tons of anime watching for a couple weeks. I see it as a good chance to get a foundation of many comics for this seres to persist on – i.e. have a strong-looking archive from the beginning so this doesn’t look like some inactive or new comic that never updates.

Further Reading on Norio Wakamoto:

1. An analysis of his role as Mechazawa Shinichi in Cromartie High School

7 thoughts on “Norio Wakamoto Destroys the World With "Manliness" – Screaming "Otaku" 05 – Comic

  1. /chuckles

    Wakamoto should’ve cosplayed as one of his characters. Mechazawa should’ve been real easy to draw. You didn’t need 3 panels of earth blowing up. You could’ve just used a picture/pitcher of TANG.

  2. i didn’t think of the cosplay, on account of Wakamoto himself being enough of a legend to me I guess. Also, tang……. ?

  3. I like your comics – they inspire me to keep working on the crappy comic I’ve been working on to further milk my joke about slashing the male bloggers… gee, maybe I’ll have to toss you into that… hmm…

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