Final "Fantasy" – Screaming "Otaku!" 07 – Comic

I really like this one. It’s anime-related, has all 3 characters and develops their personalities, and even the “art” was pretty good before I decided to try coloring in Paint (I do like how the couch came out, though.) This comic is pretty straightforward, especially with Ouran, which is one of those shows guys and gals can agree on for being universally awesome but also full of bishies. However, there is one truly exemplary reference there in panel 7. The line ‘this isn’t vanilla essence, it’s onii-chan essence!’ is one of my favorite lines from a hentai ever. It comes from Imouto Jiru, which is one of the greatest loli H anime ever with it’s only flaw being the shortness of the sex scenes. This line is a huge inside joke among my fans and probably anyone who’s seen Imouto Jiru, lol.

Will Jenna and Joe ever get past their sexual issues and hook up? who knows… (to be honest, I don’t feel comfortable trying to write a relationship having never been in one >_<)

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