Just "Howling" in the Shadow – Screaming "Otaku!" – Comic

Darker Than Black season 2 has officially been announced, which is pretty cool. I actually like my attempt at style in this comic! I am aware that my comic is a scratchy mess to some, but I really love the way that scratchy pen looks which is why I draw that way lol. I think the big splotches of darkness are cool as hell XD. I did royally fuck up on November 11th’s mouth in panel 6 having not done this page in pencil first.

So I’ve actually gotten several comics ahead of myself and am going to set them to go up on predetermined dates and times, and I can push the chain back some whenever I wan to do a current event comic like this one. So that way the story will always be ready to progress (yes, I consider it a story) but I can jump in whenever I want for other stuff.

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