"Spring of Drowned Annoying" – Screaming "Otaku!" – Comic

Note to self, pencil does NOT look right when scanned, especially next to computer-generated text.

Anywho, I’ve been watching Ranma 1/2 for almost 2 weeks now and I’m nearly finished! It’s an amazing show about which I plan to do many posts in the future. As such, my friend Zerodyme and I have been cracking jokes for a while about the ‘spring of drowned X’ stories that the Jusenkyo keeper tells. Some have been very hilarious, and so I wanted to do a comic in that vein.

It took me a while to decide what he should turn into. I thought about ‘spring of drowned fangirl’ but it seemed too general and I already have a fujoshi character. I wanted to be topical as well, and while Haruhi’s Endless Eight got a mention in my last comic, it really deserved it’s own joke while it’s still relevant! Plus, doing just ONE Endless Eight comic just doesn’t seem right :p Part of my reasoning was also that I wanted to draw Joe wearing sunglasses, though I’m not sure why that required him to be an internet troll.

And before you ask, yes, one of the biggest complaints that a lot of people had about K-On is that it wasn’t enough like Beck. I think I have a little bit of talking to do to these people. Oh, and I laugh every time I think ‘Clannad ASSter Story.’


10 thoughts on “"Spring of Drowned Annoying" – Screaming "Otaku!" – Comic

  1. Nice one.

    Ranma 1/2 is fun. It has a flavor of ridiculousness I feel is missing recently. Then again, it is a classic, and those usually have an extra element that keeps them around.

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