The "Politics" of "Otakudom" – Screaming "Otaku!" – Comic

This comic was written over 6 weeks ago and was never scanned due to my sheer laziness. It was never meant to be funny, really, and yet I felt it sort of was, and got funnier with each rewrite. I think it benefited from being held back, because of Endless Eight. The original punchline started as “With a new Haruhi and Eva airing at once, it can only get much, much worse” or optionally, “It could be worse. Be glad we weren’t watching in the 80s.” However, Endless Eight happened to provide the perfect punchline as it is the most confusing thing to blog in the universe.

At the time this comic was written, I also was watching next to no anime, thanks to a lot of stress I was under, however, it’s not like I wasn’t THINKING about anime all the time, so I still felt like a total otaku even if I hadn’t been watching. The joke about finishing a bunch of shows and reviewing them then blogging a little bit of the new season is how I’ve done most seasons, whether or not on purpose, but this time I didn’t actually finish ANY spring shows, and gave up on the summer blogging before I even really started XD. Had this been published with the original “the season is about to end so I’ll blog the summer shows” it would have been particularly embarrassing when I didn’t XD.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts on how otaku you feel when you aren’t watching anything. Also, yes, Joe is smoking in this comic. Joe is my idealized version of myself, which is just me with a girlfriend and smoking :p Yes, I support the idea that smoking makes you look cool!


8 thoughts on “The "Politics" of "Otakudom" – Screaming "Otaku!" – Comic

  1. I marathoned every single episode of Honey and Clover and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes in the process. Every time Shuuji or Mayama or Nomiya lights up. POOF. Fuck.

    • ROFL. I am avoiding cigarettes as much as possible because I have the most addictive of addictive personalities and I’d be up to 2-3 packs a day in no time. But oh would I love to be able to smoke!!!

  2. Egh. Smoking. I kinda like my lungs pristine, untarnished, and able to actually function when forced to move faster than a stroll. Then again, I play DDR – not sure which one’s more evil…

    As for what it means to be otaku? In the western world, it’s as much subculture as it is obsession. “Thinking” otaku probably suffices – and maybe even counts for more than diligently watching every big show of the season. After all, a true otaku knows that not all shows are anywhere near equal. It is the dividing line between headband-wearing, bankai-yelling weeaboos and the rest of us…

  3. Blogging (or in my case, ISSSing) endless eight is easy. I just copy and past my last review, and change it from “episode 5” or whatever to “episode 6” or whatever and presto. I probably watch one minute of each episode….whoops, I’m a cheater. Of course, after summer I will no longer watch week to week episodes, because it sucks. I’m going back to the marathon method (that’s the only way to go).


    @ Gonzo Mehum: DDR? Extremely addictive, I used to be obsessed with it…..then…one day….I randomly just stopped, and I’ve been pad sober for over a year now. I also never smoke cigarettes, but I will have a cigar or other stuff.

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