Calling All Artists! Please Draw Me a Banner Image!

The recent fanart debate reminded me of my long-standing desire to fill my site with original artwork. However, I can’t draw worth a half of a shit. I don’t mind trying to draw some of the site’s imagery, but for my banner image, I’d like it to be done by someone with talent. So, if you have that, please help me out!

There is one major issue that restricts my header image artwork – my header can only be 80 pixels tall. As long as it’s got a white background, it can be about 700 pixels wide, but only 80 tall! (oh, the tragedy!)

So here’s my idea. Chibis! I can have a banner of a bunch of chibis and it can be less than an inch tall. Perfect! But since I can’t draw chibis, here’s where you come in.

What I want is Kazuma from S-cry-ed, Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Luffy from One Piece, Girl Ranma from Ranma 1/2, and Kallen from Code Geass all in chibi form (if you’re wondering, they are all connected by frequent use of the word ‘fuzakenna!’). The poses and placement of the characters is totally up to you (even using just busts is fine since it has to be so small), I only require that it’s those characters on a white background and under 80 pixels tall (and, of course, that it’s your original artwork!).

If you don’t know who any of the characters are, here’s a bunch of images of each for your research! And a million thanks ahead of time to whoever decides to take up this task!




Girl Ranma:


5 thoughts on “Calling All Artists! Please Draw Me a Banner Image!

    • holy shit, fucking cool!!!!!!! THANK YOU! I’m putting it up! And there’s no need to worry about the quality, I have a rotating banner, so if other people make them, all of them can go up :D

      Also, your accreditation will go in my ‘What is Fuzakenna’ section.

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