Mai Waifus – Because Anime Made Me a Polygamist

Every blog needs a Mai Waifu post, and ever since Ghostlightning delivered one of the best I’ve read a couple months ago, I’ve been wanting to do my own. I wanted to make sure it was a very perfect and specific post. Not just about women I find attractive (would take millions of words) but true women that I really think would make good wives. I know I’ll have fun with this, so lets roll!

(NOTE: This is not a “top seven” list, I just had exactly seven candidates, but they are in order of how much I want to marry them.)

Dont ask me why shes with Giant Robo.
Don’t ask me why she’s with Giant Robo.

7. Allenby Beardsley from Mobile Fighter G Gundam

I’ve done a lot of fanboying over Allenby on this blog (including godawful fanart), and for good reason. You will see a very common theme on this list being ‘independence’ and perhaps ‘individuality’ which are both things that Allenby exhibits quite well. Allenby is a person with very specific goals that come first and foremost in her life, and she is extremely passionate about what she loves. In her interactions with Domon, Allenby shows that she would be a ton of fun to hang out with, especially if you could connect in the passion for fighting. I admit that as I am currently, I wouldn’t be able to connect with Allenby, but if I applied my personality to a love of fighting, or applied her personality to a love of anime, we might be a perfect match.

Alleby’s only problem is that she can be a little awkward. In G Gundam, she didn’t really come to terms with her feelings until it was too late, though I’d like to think that she learned and grew from her experience. If that is true, I think she’d make an excellent wife.

6. Ukyo Kuonji from Ranma 1/2

Admittedly, Ukyo is a LOT like Allenby, and I like them for a lot of similar reasons. Ukyo is an extremely passionate chef and fighter with headstrong goals that take precedence over everything else in her life. However, as Ukyo is able to show us in her time with Ranma, she treats relationships a little more firmly. Ukyo is openly in love with and engaged to Ranma, and shows us what kind of wife she would be. Ukyo is the type who doesn’t even mind if she ends up being the provider for her household – she just wants to do what she loves, regardless of living conditions or anything. Her fantasy is actually to just run her Okonomiyaki stand on the road with Ranma, and I have to say, I cannot think of a fantasy I’d rather be a part of!

Ukyo really has everything – the right attitude, the passion, and she’s a cool and fun person. She can get a little competitive, and I think she likes for her lover to be the same, and I am definitely competitive lol. But most importantly, the thing she’s so passionate about is making okonomiyaki! There’s nothing I love to see more than a woman with a strong passion for cooking, especially if it’s cooking for a loved one~~~

5. Miyako Miyamura from ef ~a tale of memories~

MiyaMiya is independent but oh so lonely. She’s been alone for a very long time, and when she finds someone she connects with, she doesn’t want to leave his side. Miya is great because she really understands herself and those around her. She isn’t lost or confused, she’s just hurt, and she knows exactly how to fix it. You could say that even in the fact that she finds someone to rely on, she is showing her independence, knowing exactly what she needs and being willing to reciprocate the needs of the other. Her relationship with Hiro was perfect to me, and spoke to me strongly at a time in my life where Hiro felt like the spitting image of myself. I feel like if I had a Miyako, I’d be able to do what I want out of myself in life.

Miya gave Hiro the confidence to do what he knew in his heart was right. She was his support when the world didn’t approve of him, and it was with his approval of himself that she was able to feel as though her own existence was approved. But beyond all that spiritual mumbo-jumbo, she can cook, she likes to chill out and hang around town, she isn’t pushy, and she’s a great lay. What else could you want in a wife?

4. Konata Izumi from Lucky Star

You may accuse me of cheating, seeing as these words didn’t come out of my own mouth, but this post has now become somewhat famous among Konata fans everywhere. It was a statement by Carlos Santos of ANN in one of his “Right Turn Only!” articles:

“I’d like to think that the ideal partner is someone with strength and individualism, who can take care of herself when left alone, yet fills the room with laughter when in the company of friends. A girl who is sympathetic to a guy’s interests and hobbies, but won’t be a doormat for just anyone and freely expresses her opinions on any subject. Someone who’s open to a wide range of pursuits and often succeeds at them, yet also has a cool, laid-back perspective on life.

The ideal anime wife, of course, is Konata Izumi.”

This was, sadly, the ONLY picture I could find with her in it. Shes the blond.
This was, sadly, the ONLY picture I could find with her in it. She’s the blond.

3. Kamakishiro Naoko from Boogiepop and Others

Naoko was originally going to be my number one choice, but I think she’s just a little too eccentric for that. Naoko is a girl who is extremely open and honest with herself and extremely good at falling in love. This does, however, lead to her hurting herself a number of times. Her relationship with Kimura Akio was, in a lot of ways, ideal for me. Both of them were certainly in love with one another, but they didn’t have a real ‘relationship’. They merely took what they needed from each-other and were happy enough with their time together, not restricting themselves with any formal burdens or traditional values. I support all of that, though I admit that I don’t know how much my heart could have agreed with me. I think Kouhei Kadono was aware of this, and that’s why he killed her.

the one on the left~
the one on the left~

2. Nobue Itoh from Strawberry Marshmallow

The common thread so far has been individualism and a laid-back nature, which are things Nobue has, but we get some more important things in here. Leaving aside the fetishistic reasons (she’s a smoker and a drinker~~) Nobue is great with kids. She may even be a kid magnet. For me, it is nearly imperative that a woman be good with kids, because I happen to be great with kids. I spend more time than my 11-year old brother probably than anyone else, always playing pretend and the like. I am known for the fact that whenever little kids are around me, they always make me the center of their attention and want to play with me. Nobue has the same kind of charm that attracts children.

I almost couldn’t imagine a better girlfriend than Nobue in this regard, as well as in her general cuteness, but I do fear a little that Nobue might be just a little bit too lazy. I am lazy, and being around other lazy people would only mean that nothing ever got done in our household. Also, she’d totally steal my money to buy booze and cigarettes >_<.

1. Reki from Haibane Renmei

In yet another case of definite similarity between my choices, Reki is a lot like Nobue, with only a few defining differences. Like Nobue, she is a laid-back person who smokes and doesn’t ever get high-strung, plus she’s excellent with kids and has strong motherly tendencies. What Reki has that puts her higher up, though, is a greater sobriety and down-to-earth personality. Yes, this also means that she has more personal demons than Nobue does, but Reki’s problems are also the kind that relationships are formed for the sake of tackling. Reki would be a great wife to live a quiet life with, and hopefully raise children with.

Purposefully Exempt Candidates:

Lain Iwakura: I love Lain. I love her personality, and I think she is a person who greatly needs someone, because she is dreadfully lonely. However, I also fear that she could completely rip my mind apart.

Kino: Great a girl as Kino is, and as much as I’d like to be friends with her, I think she’s too closed off to enter a real relationship. It’s hard enough just to become her companion, and I think she has too strong a sense of betrayal.

Noe Isurugi from True Tears: There is a very specific kind of person who would be right for Noe, and as much as someone like me wishes they could be there for her, I know I could never handle her and may just make her worse.

Revy from Black Lagoon: I like Revy a lot, but she needs to make a lot of progress before she can become personable. I think that the Revy that will come at the end of her development is one I would love, but by then, she’ll be all to the one who got her that way.

I think it’s pretty obvious I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this for a very long time XD

15 thoughts on “Mai Waifus – Because Anime Made Me a Polygamist

  1. Interesting list. I was never able to fully appreciate the awesomeness of Konata because I just could not get into Lucky Star.

    And I’ve had a shocking revelation. While making my list in my head I stopped for a minute and realized, I may have a thing for tsunderes O_O.

  2. I find this post incredibly amusing since I’ve basically been thinking “Mai waifu~~!” about my new room-mate ever since she moved into my new place last week… and, yes, I’ve been legitimately mentally been calling her that to myself.

    As for tsunderes, I’m pretty sure real ones don’t exist in the world anyway.

  3. Ok, so I’m acquainted with 4 on your list. I really like Miyako (she’d be a huge headache but…), and I think Nobue would be a bit of a headache but nice as well (I haven’t seen much from Strawberry, though..). Reki, no!!!! Too dark. As for Konata, I think would be better as a friend and confidant.

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