Fall 09 Shows To Look Forward To

Kimi ni Todoke is my #1 show to look out for this season!

Kimi ni Todoke is my #1 show to look out for this season!

In the past, I have declared my disgust toward season previews because of the fact that people often put down or dissuade interest from a show in spite of the fact that there isn’t much to know about the shows yet, and those people rarely do comprehensive research on the shows they are previewing. Not wanting to be a part of that negativity, I have researched the shows coming out in Fall 09 and am here to tell you which ones I’m looking forward to, and that you may want to check out. :D

Kuuchuu Buranko

Kuuchuu Buranko – You don’t need a plot description for this show, because I already know that it will not matter. This show by Toei Animation is being directed by a guy named Kenji Nakamura, who directed the critically acclaimed cult favorite Mononoke. Mononoke was an artsy mindfuck anime with spectacular and highly experimental animation, which looks to be the case for Kuuchuu Buranko, going by the production art and the fact that the series is done by almost entirely by the same people. If you’ve been looking for a chance to get into artsier anime, this is definitely it. (Will Watch/May Blog)

Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra – The story is some crazy-ass stuff about books being the crystallization of the dead in a library guarded by psychics, and the main character has a bomb in his chest and amnesia. It sounds ridiculous, and while it could be interesting, having the same director as Kuroshitsuji and a seemingly inexperienced studio are less than convincing facets (although the series composition is done by Mari Okada who’s works are nothing short of amazing). However, the series is also apparently based on a series of light novels, and I tend to like those, so who knows how it will come out. Personally, I’m in it for Paku Romi~ (May Watch/May Blog)

Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini Tensai Okamura‘s masterpiece returns, and it’s sure to be a complete blast if it can stand up to the first series. Obviously you’ll have to have seen Darker Than Black to get the sequel, but hopefully you’ve already done so, since it’s great! (Will Watch/Will Blog)



A Certain Scientific Railgun – I kind of liked the first three episodes of Index, but not enough that I felt compelled to finish it. However, I did completely love Mikoto and have seen a zillion amazing yuri doujins about her and her sister, so I feel compelled to try this show out. It’s also rather interesting that they have switched directors on us, though the best thing about Index for me was the direction of certain scenes, so we’ll see how it works out. (May Watch/May Blog)

The Sacred BlacksmithManglobe is a studio that’s easy to get excited about because like a young pretentious director, they put out extremely high quality work in very small proportions, and it’s usually so dependent on the taste of the viewer to whether or not you can tolerate it that you find yourself hoping the next one will be up your alley. Who knows if this one will be – it’s being directed by a guy whose credits include Linebarrels of Iron and almost all of Pokemon, which could mean pretty much anything. It’s one we’ll have to watch and see. (Will Watch/Will Blog)

Fairy Tale – Now here’s one I’m very split about. It’s evidently a joint work between A-1 Pictures and Satellite who both put out very consistently high quality work, and while it’s a silly shounen action adaption, Satellite is also just finishing Basquash, which was a great use of silly shounen action in anime. Fairy Tale is also from the same author as Rave Master, which I was a huge fan of back in the day. Perhaps most exciting, though, is an all-star voice cast with the likes of Aya Hirano and Rie Kugimiya on it. Who knows how this could turn out~ (May Watch/Won’t Blog)

Kobato. – A show about a super-innocent girl who’s one mission in life is to take people’s sorrow away looks and sounds sweeter than a goddamn sugar cane, and it’s from the director of Chi’s Sweet Home, so it’s sure to be just cute and innocent fun. Ordinarily, that might not be enough for my recommendation, but this is also being done by Madhouse. And I will watch just about anything Madhouse does. (Will Watch/May Blog)

Sasameki Koto

Sasameki Koto

Kimi ni Todoke – If there’s one show I’m totally sure about this season, it’s this one. The manga has gotten excellent reviews, and the adaption has some great production art as well as being done by monetary powerhouse Production I.G. Smells like a hit. (Will Watch/Will Blog)

Sasameki Koto – Yuri is apparently in these days, as a yuri romance anime gets animated and if you know me, you know I’ll be all the fuck over it. The writer seems to have a lot of experience with great yuri anime, too. This should be amazing. (Will Watch/May Blog)

Seitokai no Ichizon – This has potential to be a lot of fun and very funny, being from the director of Ichigo Mashimaro and NieA_7. Another wait and see. (May Watch/May Blog)

Admittedly, it’s not the most exciting-looking season, with a lot of shows that could go one way or another, a few that are so identifiably generic that it’s somewhat embarrassing, and a wealth of sequels to shows I didn’t like. However, I like to keep positive, and if 2 or 3 shows form a season are up to snuff, I’m usually satisfied. We’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out!

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I used Sea Slugs’ season guide to help me keep track of what was airing and to shamelessly nab images. Even if I don’t agree with their thoughts, I appreciate that they put a lot of effort into their season previews.

15 thoughts on “Fall 09 Shows To Look Forward To

  1. You recommended that Blacksmith show and Kimi no Todoke… hmmm. I’ll definitely check them out, and figure out if I wanna blog them weekly. It’ll depend on the series length too.

  2. No Letter Bee? Watch the pilot episode and then tell me you’re not looking forward to it.

    I agree with the fact that so many of these shows could go one way or another. Fairy Tail, Sacred blacksmith, Book of bantorra, they all look like the COULD be cool but also look like they could suck horribly

  3. Sacred Blacksmith looks great, and is another role for Ayumi Fujimura <3

    Kimi ni Todoke has me totally hyped, too!

    I hope that other RotK adaptation gets subs. Hopefully not from Lunar~

  4. Did you just call the teleporting lesbian stalker Mikoto’s sister? Because she calls Mikoto “oneesama” as a form of adoration/adulation, and not because they’re blood related or anything.

    • @ Epi: for the record, I did want to blog it, but I think DtB2 is too heavy of a title. I’ll definitely pick one more though, but Kimi ni Todoke is all yours =3. I’m looking forward to it more than before actually. The manga was pretty kawaii-desu-yo! :-3

      @ digitalboy: Since you usually hate Season Previews but used ours anyway, that still means a lot to us. =3 Thanks!

  5. Kimi ni Todoke looks amazing, I can’t wait for it, and I only just found out about it yesterday from Sea Slugs. Of course, the number one show I am looking for is InuYasha, because I am a 15 year old living in a 21 year old’s body, and still think that InuYasha is fucking awesome.

  6. I’ll give the director a chance to redeem himself with Tatakau Shisho. The premise really grabs me. But I can just imagine myself in a couple of weeks yelling “How could they fuck that up?”

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