Digital Boy Sings "Call Me Call Me" by Yoko Kanno and Steve Conte from Cowboy Bebop

This was done at the request of Zzeroparticle from the MyAnimeList club ‘Anime Music Piece of the Week.’ I mentioned my love and skill for singing this song, and so he challenged me. The sound reception on this (new) camera and the ability to hear my voice above the music was far better than expected, so if it sucks, it’s mostly my fault for sucking XD. I think it gets off to a rocky start, but is all-around a decent performance :D Nice to have a video of my singing a song that isn’t completely and utterly creepy XD. Now that I finally have a camera with which I can easily do these videos, expect more in the future!

(yes, I am aware of the huge zit on my forehead, the general disturbing nature of my beard, and how gross my desk is, if you can see it. If you were wondering, Funeral filmed this video on my new Canon Powershot SX110 IS)

19 thoughts on “Digital Boy Sings "Call Me Call Me" by Yoko Kanno and Steve Conte from Cowboy Bebop

  1. :O Not bad. Oddly enough, I think your shakiest notes are the ones leading up to the sustained parts rather than the sustained parts themselves. The notes that taper off in the low register are also kind of awkward, but I can completely sympathize with not being able to actually go that low. x| Your emotion is a lot of fun though, and I think that’s the best part of hearing anyone do a cover.

    • :D many thanks! I’m extremely glad to hear such thorough analytical criticism! And I agree, the lead-ups are shaky, possibly like I am thinking too hard about the big note and letting the others die in set-up. There are also a couple of little screw-ups because I was reading the lyrics while singing and there were a couple of words different from what I’m used to, and they cam out sounding really stressed (“back when we were young, but I had to go” I’ve always heard as “grow”).

  2. I tossed down the gauntlet. You picked it up and delivered quite splendidly so that’s a +1 e-prop or e-rep or whatever the medium of exchange is nowadays.

    Like Kiri noticed, the procession to the sustained notes weren’t quite on the mark, but overall, it was an awesome delivery and you’ve silenced any doubt in your ability to sing that excellent piece! The intangible part that I particularly liked is in the passion and energy that you put into the performance, making it a very delightful listen by taking the audience along and allowing them to feel the essence of the song. Excellent work!

  3. Awesome! I can picture you with a guitar at an anime convention…Warm up would definitely help a lot but you actually sang the more difficult parts better than the easier part…sugoi…

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