"Gundam Rock!" – Screaming "Otaku!"

Gundam Rock is a new album by Andrew W.K., musician, motivational speaker, and genius. AWK is known for his songs about good times and parties especially, but he’s also known for stuff like his album of J-pop cover songs last year, and now an album of cover songs from the classic Gundam anime re-imagined as rock songs. If my making a comic for it wasn’t enough of a hint, the album is incredible. It’s emotional, powerful, and epic. A couple of my favorites below, starting with “Fly, Gundam!” where the lyrics in the ‘comic’ are from. Also, if you want more images of my brother’s Gunpla, we will be happy to do a photo shoot.

This one is my number one favorite from the album, it gives me goosebumps every time.

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