My Favorite Anime Blogs – I Really Haven't Made This Post Already

Meta-masturbation time. Epic Win anime blog recently did a list of his top 20 favorite anime blogs with fanboying descriptions of why he liked them. This post was made of win for promoting the likes of The Animanachronism (who will notably be absent from my list because he barely posts anymore), We Remember Love, and newcomer 2-d Teleidescope. I will be stealing Epic Win’s ‘holy trinity’ idea. There was also a movement some time ago to promote less heard-of blogs (Memories of Eternity most notably mentioned my blog back when it was called ‘Euphoric Field.’) I have had blogrolls and annotated blogrolls, but never a flat out ‘this is my top 20 anime blogs’ post, so I wanted to do one. Because I need a hit after a long day of script-writing.

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