My Favorite Anime Blogs – I Really Haven't Made This Post Already

Meta-masturbation time. Epic Win anime blog recently did a list of his top 20 favorite anime blogs with fanboying descriptions of why he liked them. This post was made of win for promoting the likes of The Animanachronism (who will notably be absent from my list because he barely posts anymore), We Remember Love, and newcomer 2-d Teleidescope. I will be stealing Epic Win’s ‘holy trinity’ idea. There was also a movement some time ago to promote less heard-of blogs (Memories of Eternity most notably mentioned my blog back when it was called ‘Euphoric Field.’) I have had blogrolls and annotated blogrolls, but never a flat out ‘this is my top 20 anime blogs’ post, so I wanted to do one. Because I need a hit after a long day of script-writing.

The Holy Trinity: This wasn’t intentional, but my Holy Trinity pretty much covers the three kinds of blogs I am at all interested in reading. One is the most personal and emotional of personal and emotional blogs, one is the most interesting and intellectual of interesting and intellectual blogs, and one is the most informative and cool of informative and cool blogs.

We Remember Love

Of course We Remember Love is on my list; Ghostlightning is one of my best friends, as well as my biggest fan (and I am his.) GL is incredible, writing straight from the heart about whatever he sees fit. He’s a genius and the god of all trolls (if you’re thinking that he’s not a troll, then you have utterly fallen victim to his biggest troll of all.) What makes GL’s blog so much fun to read is that you know he not only cares about the anime he’s watching, but he also cares about the way he blogs the anime he’s watching, as he does everything in his power to make every post as interesting as possible. My envy for his ever-expanding popularity and uncanny ability to stay current is endless. Also, GL has the best comments sections ever, often greater than the posts themselves.

Some of My Favorite Posts: loneliness and a lifetime, remembering love as homage in anime, holland novak shows bits of characters, finding your gateway gundam, rabu-rabu, weeaboo vs. Japanesesteps in anime produciton, thank you, mr. president, the ‘showing a bit of character’ series, finding your starter moe anime (done by me~)

kritik der animationskraft

Anime Kritik is one of the only anime blog writers who I can say I love to read not just for the content, but for the writing style itself. AK is an evil mastermind of anime blogging. He can’t even be called an otaku – the thirty-year old Japanese-speaking fan only reads and watches a small selection of anime and manga and his choices seem to be random at first glance (Haruhi, Jewel Pet, Soul Eater, and Ikkitousen? What the fuck?) but regardless of what AK is talking about, he takes it and elevates it to new planes with his ridiculous philosophical theories about the shows in question. Whether it’s mapping a K-On character’s face to the Golden Ratio or tying Haruhi-chan into the bible, AK takes the most far-fetched and overblown philosophical comparisons and makes them a blast to read. I just know he writes with a big smile on his face, and I read with a big smile on mine.

Some of My Favorite Posts (besides those above): An Auto-Vivisection of Aesthetic Sense, okama ; Aesthetics, Spiritual Progress of Faye Valentine, K-On! 04: A Mighty Fortress, K-On 2: There is a God, Of Course Faye Valentine is Moe!, Cats and Emperors, Esoterico-elemental Artistry, Tokyo Akazukin and the Dark Side of Surrealism


My lifeline to the broader and more interesting part of otaku culture. sdshamshel seems to know just about everything there is to know about anime culture, including the Western otakudom from past to present as well as the Japanese otakudom. You could say he’s like Omo without the pretentiousness, or Wildarmsheero without being a douche, and he posts more often than either of them. SDS is one of the only people with a wider range of interests than myself, and his excellent posts have often drawn me into some of his own interests.

Some of My Favorite Posts: Reductive Production, Four Kings Meet in a Room to Discuss the Meaning of a Punch Made Out of Rockets, Reviewing Unfamiliar Genres, Style Born Out of Necessity, “Why Spend Money on Entertainment?”, Who is Goku’s Greatest Mexican Rival?, Imagawa and the Pile of Money in Eternity Island, Understanding the Girls of K-On! Instantly, I’m stoping here because he’s got WAY too much great content.

leaving my holy trinity behind, we have…

Eastern Standard

ES is primarily the blog of Andrew Cunningham, who is my hero. He is an outstanding translator who has worked to bring the Boogiepop franchise to America as well as the likes of Kino no Tabi, Death Note Another Note, Goth, Gosick, and more. ES is where he and his buddies, Joe Iglesias, Derek Guder, David Goodwin, and Wally Xie talk about pretty much any interesting things they discover and share them with the world. ES would be one of my holy trinity were it not for the fact that most of what they talk about is things I will never be able to see/read, and their posts are almost always brutally short. The guys are not pretentious so much as picky, but they know how to thrash a series.

2-D Teleidoscope

It definitely means something that this blog is already one of my favorites when it’s relatively brand new. 2DT has been consistently interesting and fairly frequent with diligently thought-out and unpretentious posts that bring a great insight to subjects completely untouched upon. A must-read simply in the fact that you will not hear what he has to say anywhere else.


Yes, Baka-Raptor has horrible taste, can take his schtick too far sometimes, and I do not frequently agree with him, but for the most part, that’s the whole point. BR is a ripoff of The Best Page in the Universe (something he readily admits) and the whole point of his blog is to be offensive and blunt, but in a hilariously overblown fashion. And he succeeds, as Baka-Raptor’s posts are almost always hilarious (though when he flops, the negative attitude makes him look like a jerk.) I have a story I often tell about my experience sharing a room with BR at Otakon 2008, and to make a long story short, he’s one of the kindest guys I have ever met in my life.

GAR GAR Stegosaurus

Admittedly, I think author A Day Without Me has some problems with her writing style – I don’t think she does enough research or editing. However, she has a delightful ability not to take herself seriously and her posts are a blast to read. She’s also extremely personal, being the only person so far to make posts in my Diary of an Anime Lived series. Because of this, I want to marry her <3

That’s about it. To see a longer list of sites and blogs I support, head over to my blogroll, but these are the sites I really feel the need to support. I had a lot of fun writing this post and re-reading a lot of great posts. I want to note that my not picking favorite posts from the last 4 wasn’t because I was lazy, but because I more like their stuff in general and see less of the posts as stand-out in particular. By all means, if you think there are blogs out there I should read, recommend them to me! Keep in mind that I don’t read episodic blogs, and I don’t want to read people who don’t post anymore!

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Anime Blogs – I Really Haven't Made This Post Already

  1. it’s a lovely gesture that motivates me to keep doing what i’m doing (whatever it is). Thanks loads!!

    Also, could I make a public announcement regarding Jewel Pet..

    “Could someone please sub this show so that people can actually read and understand my posts on it??? I’m dying out here” ;)

    anyway, any blogs you mentioned that i’m not following i’ll definitely look into, so..thanks!

  2. My favorite blog is Baka-Raptor. I read it all the time.

    Other than that, I never really thought of any blogs as favorites. So I asked myself, what would make a favorite? I decided it’d be the blogs with posts I’d read regardless of their topic. I could only think of three active blogs, which shall remain nameless for now…

  3. Yeah, I’ll admit that I don’t tend to research for my posts, since my blog is meant to be pure fun – I did a little more research for posts about six months ago or so, but my thesis has kind of taken over any drive I had to do that. So basically I’d rather leap on top of the figurative piano and absurdly rant away. And I definitely NEVER edit. Like I said, I’m blogging for the pure fun of it.

    Aww, you want to marry me? That’s sweet ^_^

  4. Good list, especially since you’ve introduced me to a couple blogs I wasn’t familiar with. Namely, kritik der animationskraft and Eastern Standard. Ahh, good old GAR GAR Stegosaurus. Great blog, even just for the name, although I enjoy the content too.

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