100 Characters For 100 Otaku (Part Seven: 70-66)

The seventh post in “100 Character For 100 Otaku.”

It’s part seven of “100 Character For 100 Otaku!” Have any of your favorite characters appeared yet? If so, did you like their pictures? If you did, make sure you click them to see the full sized versions! Today I look at number 70 through 66 of my favorite characters as I determine why I like them, how they reflect the true nature of otaku, how the parallel my own otakudom, and how they are like the first episode of Crest of the Stars. Let’s rock n’ roll!

70. Kuhouin Murasaki (from Kure-nai)

Why I Like Her: Murasaki is a very smart little girl. At the beginning of Kure-nai, she doesn’t really understand anything about the outside world, having been raised in the strange world of the Kuhoin’s; but she learns very well and has a great sense of what she should do. When Shinkurou teaches her things, she takes them in and applies them. She is really a great kid at heart.

A Mirror For Otaku: Although otaku are often very book smart and chock full of trivial knowledge, many of them have no street smarts whatsoever. Otaku, however, are quick learners, much like Murasaki, and highly receptive to new ideas. I know this because I’ve had to introduce my good buddy No Name to new ideas about the world (such as the fact that it is possible to sneeze more than twice in direct succession ROFL).

Reflecting My Otakudom: When I was new to anime, I naturally had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was literally years before I even found out that there were people out there subtitling anime, and other people downloading it. It took a lot of learning and adapting to get where I am.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: It’s understandable that humanity wouldn’t have a grasp of what the invading aliens would be capable of, seeing as the Abh are at least a hundred years or so more advanced than they are. The humans have the silly idea that their defense systems might be able to hold off the invasion because of their ignorance of the aliens’ true power.

69.”Rock” (from Black Lagoon)

Why I Like Him: Rock is a cool motherfucker, and one of the most real male leads I’ve probably ever seen in anime. He’s in an insane situation surrounded by insane people, but he acts exactly how we would expect ourselves to act – and that isn’t to curl into a ball like a pussy, nor to suddenly become action jackson. It’s to act like a real fucking person and reason with the situations that come at him like a goddamn adult. He’s also the right man to tame Revy, because he may be normal, but he doesn’t put up with bullshit.

A Mirror For Otaku: Before he was whisked away to be used as a hostage, Rock was a regular Japanese businessman. When he faces his new life situation, he can’t help but get a little existential about his place in life, seeing as nothing he did before really seems to matter anymore. Otaku face this same thing when they watch anime itself, because they wonder what meaning their current life has when they can’t live the kind of life seen in anime. This is all brutally lampshaded in the last arc of The Second Barrage.

Reflecting My Otakudom: Otakudom is to me what the crime business is to Rock. Both of us were dragged in, shown something new, changed, and turned into characters. Rock became what I would call the culmination of his own beliefs on top of the world of crime, much as I am a culmination of my beliefs over the world of anime blogging. This is what I believe is known as ‘personality’, as it takes form in regards to a way of life.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: Needless to say, the Abh invasion is something that will radically alter the lives of all humanity. Just as Rock was suddenly ripped into a new situation, and forced to apply what parts of life are contained directly in his own mind to his new situation, so will humans have to do the same.

68. Takemoto Yuuta (from Honey and Clover)

Why I Like Him: Takemoto is The Idol of Adolescence (sorry Utena). His Epic Journey across Japan is one that touched me right at the heart, because it’s exactly what I would do in my youth (i.e. now, because I am still a kid.) When things get heavy, there needs to be an epic sojourn. Takemoto brings a huge smile to my face, because he does everything I want him to do and expect him to do as the kind of person who I am as well.

A Mirror For Otaku: God, it’s really hard to pick out something about Takemoto that wouldn’t reflect the nature of otaku. I think I’ll take the route of Takemoto’s hilarious instructors and chalk the whole deal up to “youth.”

Reflecting My Otakudom: I am a big ball of uneasiness, headaches, indecisiveness, unsureness, and desire. What’s hilarious is when I get this way about anime blogging. I sometimes find myself thinking so deeply about my blog that I almost feel silly. This blog is like my little world, and I am way too dramatic about it, as we kids tend to be.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: At the very beginning of the first episode of CotS, we learn about the first major space expeditions by the starship “Lief Erikson” (icwutudidthar). This sort of epic journey of discovery can be compared to Takemoto’s epic journey of self-discovery.

67. Holland Novak (from Eureka Seven)

Why I Like Him: Holland is a character in a mech show about a kid who has to grow up, but Holland has even more growing up to do than Renton. He’s too hotheated, petty, bitchy, and jealous, always flaunting his manhood and elite skills like an asshole. It takes the awakening of a young boy’s potential to show Holland what a child he is himself, and from then forward he becomes the most respectable kind of man and father figure.

A Mirror For Otaku: A lot of otaku need to grow up. I’m not saying they need to grow out of being an otaku, but just that they need to grow as people. I shake my head when I see anime fans who fight and patronize others like schoolkids and take their petty shit seriously. It’s possible to be a man and be an otaku, and that’s where we get our popular adult otaku and trend-setters (take the likes of Danny Choo, or on a smaller scale, Ghostlightning.)

Reflecting My Otakudom: I’ve had to do a LOT of maturing myself, especially in terms of my otakudom, and I probably still have a good ways to go. But don’t take my word for it, I have a two-year backlog of posts to show you that development firsthand LOL.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: Holland lives and spends most of his time inside of his skyship, the Gekko-go, as it encircles the planet and it’s atmosphere. Likewise, many of the Abh seem to live in massive space stations, which interact with the humans by threatening them in the first episode.

66. Hiiragi Tsukasa (from Lucky Star)

Why I Like Her: I could spend hours upon hours rattling on to you about the deep secrets of ‘moe’, but if you asked me for a quick example, one of the first places I’d point would be Tsukasa. What makes Tsukasa lovable is her very passive nature – you don’t ever see Tsukasa angry. She is also dumb as a brick and totally clumsy, which is why you feel the need to help her (how could she live alone?! she couldn’t!!) and she’s got a very open receptacle of thought, which is why she’s a slut (I imagine she’d be the easiest skirt to get under there is.) As such, Tsukasa is the easiest cute girlfriend I can imagine nabbing, but more importantly, she’d be a fun friend – especially to tease.

A Mirror For Otaku: Tsukasa can be very airheaded and make dumb mistakes (like leaving a million cell phones in the washer!!!) – and let’s just say, otaku are hilarious when they are too bored to pay attention to what the hell they are doing. I’ve both read a lot of stories of otaku breaking random things out of flighty carelessness, and actually seen this in action! No Name is a very careful person normally, but when he get’s bored, that fucker can manage to break anything!!!

Reflecting My Otakudom: Tsukasa’s sunny nature and total lack of aggression is how I feel when I’m actually watching anime. It’s all fun and games until I hit the blog LOL.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: One time Tsukasa was on the beach, and she picked up a large shell. She placed it to her ear and peacefully listened to the sounds of the ocean. All of a sudden, a large bug emerged into her ear, and scared the fuck out of her. Her ear was invaded.

There’s 70-66, tune in tomorrow for the next five! We’ve got an otaku girl, a badass chef, and who knows – maybe your favorite character!


17 thoughts on “100 Characters For 100 Otaku (Part Seven: 70-66)

  1. LMAO Tsukasa entry is the lulzest ever.

    Glad to find characters I know for a change. Also, Kure-nai sucks.

    Rock is a badass in just the right way, just as you said. You got Holland down, just like you did (and btw, me as a trend setter is lulz. I’ll believe it when I see an avalanche of Macross fans… no, Macross 7 fans, AND Minmay fans; yep definitely Minmay fans among otaku in general).

  2. Holland is a good, dynamic character. Tsukasa isn’t my favorite Lucky Star character but she is lovable.

    That Pokemon fan art at the top…I found it a long time ago on Pokesho. Drawn just as good as official art IMO, except maybe with out the obviously skimpy bathing suits.


    >>One time Tsukasa was on the beach, and she picked up a large shell. She placed it to her ear and peacefully listened to the sounds of the ocean. All of a sudden, a large bug emerged into her ear, and scared the fuck out of her. Her ear was invaded.

    Good job, you didn’t fuck this up.

  4. Holland and Takemoto are a couple of my personal favorites. My college experience was pretty similar to Takemoto’s, sans the epic journey. Maybe one day! Holland made me fall in love with Keiji Fujiwara. He can do no wrong, in my eyes.

  5. Tsukasa is not a slut because:
    · She is the daughter of a shrine priest (lol lame reason)
    · In the episode of the beach she doesn’t get any men because she doesn’t look like a slut, even with a bathting suit.
    · I am completely shure she hasn’t even done foreplay.
    · Kagami wouldn’t allow her to be a slut.

    • I redact with

      – Tsukasa doesn’t seem to be very religious, and a lot of people form religious families feel the need to rebel
      – She doesn’t get any men because she’s hanging out with a whole group of people, and guys usually go for straggelrs or smaller groups
      – I’m completely sure she’s masturbated without second thought
      – Kagami won’t be around forever

  6. Is it just me, or are you starting to “phone in” the Crest of the Stars sections? Then again, I wouldn’t want to do it 100 times, either.

    Interesting perspective on Rock. The show itself harps on about him being a figure of good conscience, but he’s just a rational human being surrounded by people who have REALLY kicked reason the curb and gone beyond the impossible (not to mention the decent). He’s also cool because he can get away with being called “Rock” without looking like a pompous douchebag.

    Tsukasa… God, how I wanted to see her get annoyed at her sisters, just once, a sibling fight like all siblings have.

    • With the Crest section, the thing is, there’s only so much that happens in the first episode, and making hte same 5 personality connections is going to get real boring real quick. So yes, I’ll be making a lot more of those into comedy type deals.

  7. Tsukasa is adorable beyond human capability, yes. But have you ever actually met one of those special types of Japanese girl with air in their heads? We had a couple of them in the international dorm where I was crashing at college. Considering most J girls appear to shun anime fans, they sure do seem to know how to act like Tsukasas and Mikurus. Turns out, what’s MOE MOE in anime is really undesirable in real life because they really do come off as idiots. I was really depressed when I discovered this, because it upset my entire concept of GOOD WAIFU. Curse my need for intelligence! Damn you!

    Also, Holland in the washer. Never did figure that one out. The artist did it for the lulz I guess.

  8. Hmm, I kinda think Tsukasa’s too nervous for sex, let alone being the village bicycle. ;) In fact, someone made a rather cruel gag video about the future of the gals predicting that she would NEVER get any, sorry.

    Even so, lately I’m shipping her and Chris Griffin.

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