100 Characters For 100 Otaku (Part Eight: 65-61)

The eighth post in “100 Characters For 100 Otaku.”

It’s “100 Characters for 100 Otaku” part eight! Back in the comments to part one, Ghostlightning predicted that the series would end after the eighth part. Little does he know that the ninth one is already written and queued up! But that’s tomorrow’s news – today, we’ve got numbers 65 down through 61 to play with. So let’s have some fun!

65. Okazaki “Shin-chan” Shinichi (from Nana)

Why I Like Him: Shin-chan seems to understand something that I’ve always wished more people would – that you can live in any way, so long as it suits you. Maybe it’s just out of rebelliousness that Shin gets more and more punk with his style and moves out of his house to at first bum around with his pals, and later start literally whoring himself out to older women. But Shin doesn’t seem to dislike his man-whore profession and it lets him live the way he wants – what can I say? I can’t help but support him.

A Mirror For Otaku: Shin-chan lives his life off the beaten path and has a blast doing it. Similarly, otaku by nature are considered to have ‘alternative’ lifestyles, being as they ARE obsessed with anime. Not quite the extreme alternatives Shin goes to, but still abnormal.

Reflecting My Otakudom: I want to think of otakudom as my alternative lifestyle. When people accuse me of having no life, I argue ‘I have a life, it’s just a life as an anime fan, just as you have a life of being social.’

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: Many people thought of Jinto’s father’s decision as an act of treason and could see it as rebellion against humanity, much like Shin can be seen as a rebel against societal norms.

64. Sanzenin Nagi (from Hayate the Combat Butler)

Why I Like Her: Nagi is a little otaku girl and hard not to love as a fellow otaku. She’s also very clumsy – many people falsely accuse her of being a tsundere, but the truth is just that she’s a kid who doesn’t know how to express herself well and causes confusion. More than anything, though, she’s one of my alltime favorite character designs, and a large part of what made me a lolicon.

A Mirror For Otaku: This is another case of ‘lololol she IS an otaku’, and Nagi is pretty hardcore, going to far as to rent rare VHS from her fiance and buy arcade systems to use in her house. A girl who likes Gundam is a keeper!!!

Reflecting My Otakudom: I want to say that Nagi is a similar type of otaku to myself – she has her tastes in places, but will pretty much consume just about everything. The otaku-fu is strong with this one!

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: Each episode of Crest of the Stars, including the first, begins with a bit of exposition about the show’s long backstory. These episode-starters can be compared to Nagi and Hayate’s messages at the start of every episode of Hayate no Gotoku, telling you to sit in a well lit room far from the TV. (which no one watching the show probably does, lol.)

63. Hirono Hiro (from ef ~a tale of memories~)

Why I Like Him: (He’s on the left, by the way.) Hiro is a man who understands the greater point in life – following your dreams and sustaining living in union. Hiro already has a job as a manga artist, and school is really just in the way. It takes a certain woman to really show him that the way to success in happiness and life doesn’t have to follow the normal path. As such, his relationship takes the same needed turn. I am infinitely envious of him.

A Mirror For Otaku: Once again, Hiro is a character who lives an alternative lifestyle, in particular as a manga artist. I think it’s the desire of most otaku to live like him, working a job they have a passion for and sustaining a living from it.

Reflecting My Otakudom: …after all, I most certainly want to! My dreams is to be a director, and to make money off of something I love and am good at. If I could make money off of anime blogging, that would be my first choice, but alas, there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of marketing me, lol. I’d be like Hiro myself, but I can’t draw shit for fuck.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: When Hiro sees that there is an opportunity for him to live in a way of his choosing, he chases after it, leaving school behind and pursuing his career. Jinto’s father makes a similar choice by leaving to join the Abh and preserving a future for humankind and himself.

62. Sanji (from One Piece)

Why I Like Him: It’s the one that says ‘Bad Motha Fucka’ on it.” Sanji is cooler than cool, and more than a little badass. He’s a chivalrous fighter with awesome eyebrows and a kick like a hammer. He smokes, which means he’s awesome, and he also has and immense passion for cooking. I’ll admit, I have a soft spot for chefs. I love food, and I love to cook, and Sanji is the coolest cook on the face of the planet.

A Mirror For Otaku: Otaku obviously must have a lot of passion for anime to be as into it as they are, and many have great stories to tell about their passion for anime. Sanji has an immense passion for cooking good food, and an excellent backstory to support it.

Reflecting My Otakudom: I am definitely as passionate about anime and the blogging of anime as Sanji is about cooking it, which is probably why I have so much respect for him as a character. As for my backstory – well, that’s what Diary of an Anime Lived is for!

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: Sanji doesn’t like to see people abusing those who are smaller than himself, and can be seen as very chivalrous. He always wants to fight on the side that protects the people he sees as important. Jinto’s father can be seen as somewhat chivalrous in his decision to save humanity in the best way he knew how.

61. Ryougi Shiki (from Kara no Kyoukai)

Why I Like Her: To be honest with you, I don’t know a whole lot about Shiki. I’ve read stuff about her here and there, but I’ve only seen the first Kara no Kyoukai movie. I was instantly in love with Shiki, though, because of her intensity and great sense of practicality. I think it was probably somewhere during watching her eat Haagen-Dazs with one hand for a full minute that I realized I couldn’t let this woman leave my mind.

A Mirror For Otaku: Shiki seems to propel herself along by instinct a lot, going with the flow of a situation until she figures out what’s really up. This could be compared to otaku as they start a new show, not really sure what they are going to get into, but using their instincts as hardened by years of viewing to determine their thoughts on what they see.

Reflecting My Otakudom: Shiki has a major identity crises going on, what with her formerly having a male and a female personality which now may or may not have fused or something. I think I have a sort of identity crises going on when it comes to placing my otakudom. It’s been a while since I could comfortably say that I feel any certain way towards anime as a whole.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: When the humans are invaded, their first instinct is to try and fight off the Abh. Their tendency to fight instinctively is also seem in Shiki, who’s a sort of shoot-first-ask-later kind of gal.

There’s 65-61, tune in tomorrow for the next five! We’ve got a little digger boy, a very spicy god, and who knows – maybe your favorite character!

14 thoughts on “100 Characters For 100 Otaku (Part Eight: 65-61)

  1. Hirono Hiro is my hero. Aspiring sci-fi novelist here, trying to out-epic Xenosaga, of all things. (Fakkin’ nigh impossible.) College really does feel like a waste when you already know what you want to do for a living. But I, being poor, have only my dreams. Corporate Amerika is not forgiving to artists with no source of income.

    Speaking of art, get that fraking movie done. How can lolikit tread on your dreams if you don’t finish the project?

    • Impossible to out-epic Xenosaga? Have you played Xenogears? If not, GO DO IT NOW. Xenogears was created as the 5th part in a 6 part story. Xenosaga 1-3 is a reimagining of the 1st part.

      They are not directly connected. They made significant changes that prevent the events of Xenogears from occurring in the future after Xenosaga. Xenosaga has many cameos and references, but not directly connected.

      Should you play it, once you finish you should read Xenogears Perfect Works.

      Sorry for going off-topic ‘_’;

  2. “(He’s on the left, by the way.)”

    I realize that you said this for eminently practical reasons, but I still laughed out loud. Ah, the things we have to clarify today… I enjoyed this entry.

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