100 Characters For 100 Otaku (Part Eleven: 50-46)

The eleventh post in “100 Characters For 100 Otaku.”

We are now over halfway through “100 Characters For 100 Otaku!!!” The crazy idea has come to life! I’m sure you’ve noticed after yesterday’s bunch that we’re really getting into the heart of my favorite characters!  I’m still getting more and more passionate about my subjects as we go! Now, let’s dive in to 50 through 46!

50. Canaan (from CANAAN)

Why I Like Her: There’s always a place in my heart for a gal with a gun, especially if she truly knows how to use it. Where Canaan really sells me, though, is her totally happy-go-lucky attitude, which is unusual for those with a stoic persona like her. She doesn’t talk much or totally know how to be normal, but she is every bit as into having a good time and being friendly as her girlfriend is, and I find that unstoppably precious. Did I mention she has a girlfriend? That helps.

A Mirror For Otaku: Just because otaku are almost always quiet and socially awkward doesn’t mean they don’t want friends. My best friend is No Name, and he’s so quiet and socially awkward that he doesn’t even talk to people on the damn internet! (hence his title being ‘No Name’, because he literally has no moniker.) And yet, he comes over to my house every weekend with the sole purpose of having some good ol’ fun and chillin’, just as Canaan intends to do when she hangs out with her friends.

Reflecting My Otakudom: Canaan tries to find the right balance of fun and proficiency, which can be said about my anime viewing as well. There are times when I want to kick back and rewatch FLCL or Lucky Star for the ‘nth time with some friends just for the hell of it, but I also feel a duty towards watching certain series that I feel progress my fandom.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: Ostensibly (yes, I intend to use this word as often as possible), the Abh are a race of hyper-efficient people who handle conquering like a business meeting and then move on with their day, which we see in the first episode. However, as we do with Canaan, we will find that inside, the Abh are people too.

49. Kazuma (from s-CRY-ed)

Why I Like Him: Kazuma makes every other hot-headed protagonist look like a fucking monk. He is 100% pissed off 24-7 and he simply does not take anything even slightly resembling shit from anyone. He’s full of RECKLESS FIRE and has a DRASTIC MY SOUL, and he even gave me something very important: my blog title! FUZAKENNA! What I love about Kazuma is his never-say die, always-say-‘fuck-you’ attitude.

A Mirror For Otaku: Otaku can be quite hot-headed. As I said with Kallen, they can often get into very heated discussions about their hobby with no ends in sight; but it can get much worse. A true flame war can consume the entire lives of an otaku. Many people have come to be known as ‘trolls’ simply because they are so consumed with their inability to agree with anyone that they always seem to be pissed off like Kazuma.

Reflecting My Otakudom: I can be very, very hotheaded about anime. But don’t take my word for it, read some of the comment threads I’ve been a part of! XD I have tried more and more to get a handle on my hot-headed nature, because it gets me into trouble, but I haven’t really escaped it yet (see Part 10 LOL.)

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: What allows Kazuma to put up such a strong resistance to the HOLY forces in Scryed is the sheer strength of his alter power and his skill in using it. Just as Kazuma overpowers the HOLY forces, the Abh overpower humanity in Crest.

48. Yamazaki Kaoru (from Welcome to the NHK)

Why I Like Him: Oh lawl, Yamazaki. This is a man who really cracks me up but brings me down. He’s got a lot less of a level-head than Satou, who is at least aware of how pathetic he is. Yamazaki flips between moods like a switch and bathes in his loneliness and otakudom with the hope to get out of it all but not the methods nor the brains. For all the right he does, he turns it all back on himself by regressing into otakudom, hatred, and drugs (if you are reading the superior novel iteration.) His speeches on galge and moe are brilliant and a must for anyone studying otakudon.

A Mirror For Otaku: Well, Yamazaki IS an otaku, so there’s a good start. He’s not a low-level fool either; his flat is crammed to the brim with more anime shit than most American fans can probably even imagine. Doujins, games, figures, manga, all up to the fucking ceiling. And he’s got the mindset through-and-through.

Reflecting My Otakudom: Yamazaki, like myself, seeks to define the nature of otakudom and moe in a very tangible sense. He gives long speeches about the true nature of moe, the psychological reasoning behind being a lolicon, and the truths of otakudom – all of which are things that I make large posts about all the time, lol.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: A person’s way of life is not fitted to last them forever. Yamazaki eventually has to learn this when he moves back out into the country, and gains the important lesson that life goes on after change. Jinto’s dad was smart enough to know that even if they lost their freedom, humanity would be able to live on under Abh reign.

57. Ryuuguu Rena (from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

Why I Like Her: Oh, Rena, how you bear up in such sorrow… Rena is one of those girls who has a lot of really fucked up shit going on, but she puts up with it and just has fun. She doesn’t want her friends to worry, and she doesn’t want to be a depressing person. I actually have a friend who is the exact same, but he’s not a cute girl who screams ‘Omochikaeri!’ all the time. Anywho, Rena is my favorite Higurahsi girl, and the one I’d most let tear me apart. USO DA!!!

A Mirror For Otaku: Many otaku are hiding something from someone. Maybe it’s their otakudom itself – from your family, your friends, or society in general. If you have a dark secret, sometimes people are better off not knowing.

Reflecting My Otakudom: I know there are a lot of things I wouldn’t tell certain people. I happen to be an incredibly open guy, especially to my friends, but not so much to my parents. There are too many things that I just can’t let dissolve their foothold of ignorance in regards to who I am (some of which relates directly to my otakudom~).

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: Rena wants to just be friendly and chill. The Abh probably don’t want to fight – they want to conquer, but they don’t want to get all serious and shit about it. That said, piss them off, and they’ll carve the proverbial axe through your ass.

46. Onizuka Eikichi (from Great Teacher Onizuka)

Why I Like Him: Most of Onizuka’s existence can be describe by the terms ‘manly’ and ‘fucking awesome.’ He really is an enigma – he always knows exactly how to heal all of society’s problems and how to fix peoples’ psychological torment, and yet he wouldn’t see it that way. He would see his actions as common sense – but common sense is a powerful thing in a world where society rarely conforms to sensibility. Onizuka is the kind of guy we all wish we had in our lives in some way, but even more that I think we all wish we could be.

A Mirror For Otaku: Onizuka and your average otaku have very similar trains of thoughts in regards to ‘gettin dat pussy.’ Onizuka is a total perv (i.e. man), and his logic in regards to women is flawless (if I’m thirty and she’s 16, then when I’m forty, she’ll be in her twenties, and when I’m fifty, she’ll only be in her thirties!) If there’s one way we can all connect to Onizuka, it’s through his love of women.

Reflecting My Otakudom: Onizuka wants to help everyone get over their pains and live life on a good, happy path. You could say that this is what I’m trying to help people to do through anime blogging. Ultimately, I want to help you be able to see anime in a new light and hopefully enjoy it more than you ever did before.

The First Episode of Crest of the Stars: The decision of Jinto’s father is a very easy comparison here. In both cases, the person in charge decided to do something for the people around them that would help them when they didn’t know how to help themselves.

There’s 50-46, tune in tomorrow for the next five! We’ve got a hard-core otaku, a sexy mech pilot, and who knows – maybe your favorite character!

9 thoughts on “100 Characters For 100 Otaku (Part Eleven: 50-46)

  1. Canaan is one of the newer characters that I’ve gotten to like too. And Kazuma…I watched S-Cry-Ed like, four years ago so I’d have to watch it again to comment on him. I still love Reckless Fire though XD

    I could never come up with a favorite character from Higurashi, but if I had to pick, maybe Rena…

    • I love all of the girls in Higurashi, but because I love them all for very similar reasons, I feel like it’s enough to have one represent them all, and Rena is my favorite, so she gets the marks. One of my weird mental justifications.

    • >>Well grouped.

      Pure coincidence, as it always is. I guess it’s that this sort of badass always leaves this level of an impression.

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