The Sacred Blacksmith ep. 1 – The Good, The Bad, and the Loli

Once upon a time in the Middle Ages… the new anime by studio Manglobe starts off mostly by introducing us to it’s three main characters. Let’s see what these three kids are all about.

The Good (And Thereby Retarded) – Cecily Cambell (voiced by Ayumi Fujimura)

Foghorn Leghorn once said “that boah, I say, that boah’s about as shahp as a bowlin’ ball,” and a similar remark could be made about Cecily Cambell. Cecily is the kind of girl who talks tough – and I mean holier-than-thou level tough – and has NOTHING to back it up.

At the beginning of the episode, a drunken hobo with a huge sword is causing ruckus in her town. She tries to tell him to stop and, to put it simply, this dude doesn’t want to. So she tries to fight him – a man with a sword the size of her entire body and the skills to use it – by herself, with her thin little trophy sword that was a family heirloom. It is not surprising in the slightest when this sword is snapped in twain, nearly followed by Cecile herself. Why none of the sensible adults around try to stop her is beyond me. We later learn this was her FIRST fight, and we are in no way surprised.

Well, it’s not for lack of trying at least. Cecile just wants to do good, and she’s pretty aware of how much she sucks after her life is saved by The Bad. Maybe she’ll grow to be a great heroine if she doesn’t find herself killed getting in way over her head. Oh who am I kidding, her breastplate is fucking indestructible!

The Bad (-ass motha fucka!) – Luke Ainsworth (voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Luke is a pimp in every sense of the word. He kicks ass and takes names, as well as numbers – the boy’s a natural when it comes to surrounding himself with women, it seems. I’m willing to bet he can get a pretty good harem going before long.

Luke seems a little pissy in this first episode, but this is not at all surprising after having to watch Cecile fight. Frankly, I’d have been at least as pissed off as he was that such a dumbass was trying to wield a sword. I’d also be just as pissed when she came over to my house actually asking for me to help her without offering so much as a titjob (I mean come on, if you’re going to put your shapely rack in all of our faces, then take some responsibility!) Were it not for Cecile being there, I’m sure we’d see Luke for his normal pimp self – a chill dude who reads books, trains with swords, and makes love to his loli waifu.

Luke can also summon swords from the bowels of nowhere using what looks like Alchemy without the gathering of ingredients. He likes Japanese-style swords – oh, actually, I guess those are Luke-style swords, because he claims to have come up with the name ‘katana’ when he was a little kid. Yeah.

The Loli (Our Lord and Master) – Lisa (voiced by Toyosaki Aki)

Lisa is long and by far the best part of The Sacred Blacksmith so far. She has a lot of potential to be an icon in the world of loli – she’s adorable, has a great voice, cute facial expressions, an awesome ending video centered around her, and is near-impossible to dislike. She’s nothing but charming and fun all episode, being nice to everyone, lending a helping hand, and knowing her shit. What’s not to love?!

As of episode one, the Sacred Blacksmith is okay. It’s very strange for a Manglobe production because their other works are all very stylized and out there, while this one is far more standard, but I guess it’s nice to see Manglobe finally not trying too hard. The animation quality is good enough, and as long as it doesn’t get TOO stupid, I see no reason to watch it for 13 episodes. Here’s hoping it picks up before too long!

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All images in this post were shamelessly stolen from Random Curiosity.

My good buddy Schnieder has also weighed in on episode one.


11 thoughts on “The Sacred Blacksmith ep. 1 – The Good, The Bad, and the Loli

  1. Because Luke and his forging are BADASS. With a loli in the mix that has Black Rock Shooter eye powers. What’s not to love already.

  2. “All images in this post were shamelessly stolen from Random Curiosity.”

    awesome, makes me feel better about stealing a pic from your railgun album.

    i get the feeling i will not like this show.

  3. My unfair snap judgment from the first episode: This is Record of Lodoss War, and Lisa is the new Deedlit.

    I’m shocked at how much I enjoyed this though, and you’re right that she seems to have a lot to do with it. It was almost enough to forgive Cecily’s unbelievable stupidity. “But it’s my family sword, it can’t be anything but this sword” — Bloody hell, girl, the guy JUST TOLD YOU that nobody can fix your fucking sword! You want to fight with a broken piece of metal?

    And then she does. Good lord.

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