Fall 09 Season Moment of the Week: 1 – The First Minute of Sasameki Koto

This is an idea I’ve got, and if you want to copy it, please do. The idea is that throughout the season, every week, I will choose my favorite moment from any show I watched that aired in that week and post on it. For me, week 1 began on Thursday with the first episode of Kampfer, so my posts should come out every Thursday (EST). It would be totally awesome if we had multiple blogs doing this to highlight all of the great moments every week.

Sasameki Koto opens up to some scenes of a school at dusk. In this first minute before the opening theme, there are no words or music – just the sounds of the athletics clubs in the distance. After a couple shots of the school to let you know that we are in the club hours, we see two pairs of girls. One in a classroom, and one heading towards it. Inside the classroom, the pair of girls are about to kiss (as seen above as well).

And just as these girls kiss, our other pair of girls walks in to the room.

Both girls are surprised, though the girl on the right is also blushing. She may be embarrassed to have seen this, but the look on her face says more….. luckily the girls aren’t seen.

Eating each-others faces there

Eating each-other's faces there

They quickly duck back into the hallway, wherein a miniature whirlwind of emotions takes place.

Both of them are surprised in their own ways – the girl on the left is mostly surprised that these girls are doing this in plain sight. The girl on the right, though, is enthralled. Her face is like that of someone who’s just seen something unquestionably beautiful. She clasps her friend’s hand.

That’s when the first shot of emotion strikes through our girl in glasses…

After seeing that, she touched my hand? Could it be she wants to do the same with me? This look is definitely expectant. She’s surprised, but the reason for her surprise is precisely that she’s expecting this other girl to have been floored by what she just saw, and possibly full of desire to do it herself. This emotion is exemplified when we learn how much the glasses girl is in love with her compatriot.

However, the blond…

Is not thinking about her. She’s just admiring the situation, and touching her friend’s hand as a way of letting her know how excited she is. It’s not a desire to kiss her, just a desire to kiss other women. As we come to learn, the blond is neither aware of her friend’s love, nor even the fact that she is a lesbian. She herself is the only open one, and thus only expects her friend to understand her own excitement, and not to be excited herself.

Her friend can see this. She realizes it – the blond girl isn’t looking her way. She’s only looking at the fact that two girl’s are kissing.

…And she is disappointed. She’s really disappointed in herself for getting her hopes up. This face says ‘right… of course she wasn’t thinking about me.’

This scene blew me away when I started up the show. I didn’t even know the characters’ names yet, hadn’t heard their voices, nor knew anything about the plot, and yet this one little minute of silent animation told me everything about the main characters’ relationship. Absolutely brilliant, I must say. I even love how you hear the girls at the track yelling ‘fight-o!’ as if encouraging the two girls who are about to kiss.

This brilliance continued out through the episode, ending with what has to be one of the best opening episodes of anime I’ve ever seen. There were so many great moments, excellent pieces of direction and dialog, and parts both that brought me near to heartbreak and tears as well as ones that put a huge, goofy smile on my face. Sasameki Koto is definitely my number one show of the season for moments like this.

8 thoughts on “Fall 09 Season Moment of the Week: 1 – The First Minute of Sasameki Koto

  1. I mentioned this briefly when I wrote about the first episode, but yeah, I loved that opening scene. One minute of silent interaction, and you already have a solid idea of Kazama and Sumika’s relationship. It’s those kinds of moments that make me really buy into this friendship.

  2. I love-hate the first scene.

    I love it because it’s very expressive without many words.

    I hate it because it’s so obvious and takes away the subtleties you see later.

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