A Certain Scientific Railgun ep. 2 – The Dejectedness of Kuroko

(200 screenies here) Railgun episode two has solidified Kuroko as my favorite character of the season, as well as proven her place of equal importance to Misaka in this story. Ordinarily, when a joke is overused in an episode I grow tired of it, but I realized before long that the joke here was the actual point of the episode, and in the end I felt it was very solid. Now I want to get into the bones of it.

Here I Cum~!

Here I Cum~!

Kuroko is in love with Misaka. This much is absolutely certain. This is not some kind of bullshit half-love or sisterly love or really-close-friendship love. Kuroko LOVES Misaka. She wants to fuck the living shit out of her. The question is: how does Misaka feel about Kuroko?

Kuroko feels very dejected on this, an important date to her – the day that she and Misaka started sharing a room a month ago. If you are wondering how a month could matter, you either haven’t been in a relationship, or you aren’t also aware that these things are a bit bigger of a deal in Japan (I have no source for this, it’s just something I observed, but it could be that it’s really that important here and I am not aware.) In Kuroko’s mind, this is a very romantic thing, but it doesn’t appear to be that way for Misaka. Kuroko tries to convince herself otherwise.

Most convincing Citizen Kane recommendation Ive seen.

Most convincing Casablanca recommendation I've seen.

We have to admit, Kuroko is being a little selfish. Just because it’s a special day doesn’t mean they have to be alone all day, and Misaka wants to entertain her guests. If we think of it this way, it’s not as though Misaka isn’t aware of the occasion or is ignoring Kuroko – in reality, Kuroko is being very rude and selfish to the guests, and Misaka is telling her to knock it the fuck off. However, Kuroko is blinded by her love~

Her rude emotional outburst pisses Misaka off, but she expresses it in the wrong way to communicate to Kuroko’s feelings. What Misaka sees is the rudeness and the bullshit in Kuroko’s story of their sharing a room, and she attacks that, but she doesn’t realize that in spite of the rudeness and bullshit, Kuroko’s feelings are very real in this moment.

Spiked punch.

Spiked punch.

Because Kuroko feels rejected, she feels as though she needs to ‘win’ Misaka over. She doesn’t care about the means, showing her selfishness and depth of pure love once again – she will feed Misaka an aphrodisiac if need be. This is where Kuroko has really messed up – she is so blinded by the depth of her own love that she can’t understand another person’s love for her when it isn’t put on display. To her, love is groping and stalking and being a sexual deviant, which is not true for everyone. She ought to learn this…

Kuroko feels rejected once more at the pool where Misaka entertains her juniors and takes a drink from their water bottle when she wouldn’t take one from her own. Kuroko is omitting some key facts in her reasoning here – first that Misaka knew that the aphrodisiac was in Kuroko’s water bottle, which is an obvious enough reason not to drink it, and secondly that these people are both her her own friends and are being introduced to Misaka for the first time. Kuroko is now far too consumed with her paranoia, though. Her blind love and her thoughts of betrayal have led her to be on the defensive, and it crushes her.

Kuroko breaks down and cries out her dejection. Misaka’s reaction is ‘…you gotta be kidding me’, basically. Now she sees it – so that’s how seriously Kuroko was taking this. She isn’t upset, nor regretful, because she really WAS thinking of Kuroko. She knows that this fact alone will be enough to comfort her friend.

Misaka gives Kuroko the present that she’s bought her after recounting the momentousness of this occasion. There’s the truth – Misaka really did love Kuroko all along. She was thinking about this day, too, but she shows her love in a different way – a non-obsessive way. Kuroko understands and feels the warmth, fully reassuring her that she and Misaka will be together forever. Which is why she’s smiling when her love potion causes another bad situation for the duo XD



This episode was fun and sexy, and certainly proves not only the pure strength of Kuroko’s love, but that Misaka feels for her too – we’ll have to see if that care becomes a romantic reciprocation. If further episodes give me the chance, I’m hoping I can prove how the other girls balance out the lesbianic exploitative tendencies of Kuroko.

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12 thoughts on “A Certain Scientific Railgun ep. 2 – The Dejectedness of Kuroko

    • God dammit, I got them backward, and I sat there going ‘which one was it again?’ for a while. Obv I need to watch both.

  1. “If you are wondering how a month could matter, you either haven’t been in a relationship, or you aren’t also aware that these things are a bit bigger of a deal in Japan”

    Either that, or you might be over 15 years old.

  2. Ehhh, isn’t it more like you took a metric ton while I took a gram? (Okay, maybe a few kilograms..or a x10kgs..XD) Thanks for the linkback! =) I would have cut it down more but I was lazy, heh.

    And ahhh. I guess it depends on the person. I did lol at karry’s comment above; but if you’re more time-conscious, and you’re really close to the person, I guess. Other people, like me, are just too blur to be that aware! XD

    • In reply both to you and karry, yeah personally I’m not entirely sure how much I’d care about it, but I don’t think that only young people care about this….. but I’m also not sure where I’m getting m frame of reference. Odd.

  3. Casablanca is awesome, any aspiring movieman should definitely watch that (actually, every human being too!).

    OK,here’s the problem I have with this episode. Either

    a) this anime will be about railgun action and stuff

    b) this anime will be about relationships between misaka, kuroko, saten,uiharu…

    If it’s (a) then this episode was a total filler, which considering it’s only episode 2 is baffling.

    If it’s (b) then this show is simply gonna be K-On!, just more sexually explicit.

    Not having liked K-On!’s story very much, I’m not happy with the way this is going…

    That said, Kuroko’s voice is gold.

    • You’ve missed the mark totally though, this isn’t K-On, it’s Kamichu…. but I guess you haven’t seen that either. Well then enjoy a whole new experience wherein a and b are both true.

      Also, yes, Kuroko’s voice is gold. And I will watch Casablanca.

      • I must protest this. Kamichu is a fun rump in the least sexual way possible. Kamichu is what happens when Denno Coil marries Spirited Away (except that maybe a yuri relationship and the offspring may have to be artificially concieved with the sperm from a male…). Railgun… is Super Mahjong Fortress Saki, with less blushing and more overt lesbian, blended in with some railguns. Or something along these lines…

        • Woah guy, I didn’t say it was the EXACT same as Kamichu,a nd I think you’re missing a whole lot of points if you only looks at the fanservice in a show. Railgun is NOTHING like Saki, but it’s like Kamichu – four cute girls doing normal, everyday cute things but with supernatural lightly involved. Character personalities are VERY similar with Kuroko thrown in as a wild card, plus both exhibit excellent production values (though Kamihcu is significantly higher.) Yuri and fanservice DO NOT define a show.

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