A Date With "Tama-chan" – Screaming "Otaku!" Comic

So, I got bored and wrote a pair of four-koma comics, both of which, in retrospect, feel an awful lot like Mistakes of Youth comics, only with the woman replaced by a very pissed-off bald guy and the artistic talent being replaced by very scratchy pen. The first one is more or less a true story, because Fakku uploaded this Tama-chan doujin today (NSFW) and I’ve been waiting for everyone to go to sleep so I can look at it >.> (in case there’s any confusion, Tama-chan = Tamaki Kawazoe from Bamboo Blade). As for the second one, I’m sure we’re all aware of Russian lolis by now? At some point, thinking you can handle anything is going to end up handing you something that keeps you from sleeping for nights on end…

3 thoughts on “A Date With "Tama-chan" – Screaming "Otaku!" Comic

  1. You got whatever was coming to you with that Russian loli business… But it’s a shame about that doujin. I remember having to struggle with the reality of flatmates who never knock before they enter, so I would have hoped at least it was worth the wait.

    • I don’t even have flatmates who don’t knock – I straight-up share a room with two dudes (though one always disappears on weekends.) NEedless to say, it’s very difficult to find time for doujins.

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