Zen of the Zetsubou Girls 2: Abiru Kobushi

A post in the “Zen of the Zetsubou Girls” series.

Digiboy and Akiyuki Shinbo here, once again, to bring you our thoughts on the Zetsubou girls and what makes them so damn hot! Today we have Abiru Kobushi who, in stark contrast to the last girl, is very easy to find pornographic images of. Abiru appeals to quite a few fetishes, so I look forward to diving into her!

Kobushi Abiru

God, where do we even start on this smorgasbord of fetishes? We’ve got the obvious bandaged look, plus her affinity for tails, which leads to an animal affection, all tying into the ‘beaten-girl’ look, plus I’ve been told she has heterochromia, and, from the looks of it, a massive rack!

Actually, Digiboy, Abiru exists in what I call the ‘Breast Nexus’. It’s where a character is drawn with big breasts, but they are not as accentuated, and there is often another character in the cast with even larger breasts than her (which this Zetsubou girl breast chart shows us is the case here.) What happens is that fans who draw the character don’t feel obligated to draw her with large breasts, and will add their own flavor to the breast size. Some other ‘breast nexus’ character examples include C.C. from Code Geass, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Very astute observation there, Shinbo! Next, I want to tackle the tail-pulling affinity. Some will no doubt liken this love for animals to ‘furry’ tendencies, but I think it’s more along the line of ‘guro.’ You see, it’s not enough that Abiru just loves animal tails – she is willing to get the shit beat out of her for those tails. I think there’s a ton of guro potential in a girl who simply walks into life-threatening situations and has been proven to undergo massive harm in the process. Fellow beast-guro fans seem to agree, which is why we get things like this (oddly non-pornographic) nice image of a mauled Abiru with her head in the clutches of a tiger’s maw.

Wow Digiboy that’s… fucking disgusting! Moving along, we have heterochromia. Is this a fetish? Searching ‘heterochromia’ doesn’t exactly turn up a whole bunch of porn. I think it’s just something that some people find looks cool. As for the pig-tails, those are more debatable. I like them, in a completely non-sexual way.

And finally, we have the bandages, which are a personal favorite of mine. You see, I’m always stuck on whether I do or don’t like clothes on a girl during sex. On the one hand, really cute clothes can make a girl that much more attractive, however, it can be disappointing to have some of the body concealed by fabric. I think bandages are just the right combo – when worn correctly, they can look totally cool, and because they retain the contours of the body, they are still totally sexy! A win-win if I’ve ever seen one! Anyway, let’s move along now that we know what makes Abiru so hot~

The Bone of My Boner

Leaving aside the potential of a furry relationship, I think Abiru would be fit for a very abusive partner. She loves and loves and keeps on loving, regardless of how much that love keeps getting her attacked. This may, sadly, be the key to her attractiveness – some guys want to have a girlfriend they can really lay into. Perhaps Digiboy can explain this better.

Of course. No matter how I look at it, Abiru is pure wish fulfillment – I don’t think a girl gets into a relationship because she wants to get hurt, unless she is into BDSM, and Abiru has never showed sings of getting off on her pain. However, from the perspective of a person who wants to abuse their partner, Abiru would be ideal – you know that if she loves you, she’ll never leave you, no matter how much you abuse her. We hear about domestic violence (which is what people first assume Abiru is a victim of) all the time, but I think it gets more extreme when we consider an audience who doesn’t just beat their spouse, but specifically has a desire to beat their spouse. Let’s hope Abiru’s love remains for animal tails and never for an abusive man!

Doujins and Pics

As usual, you can find a good wealth of Abiru pics over on gelbooru (NSFW), and there are plenty of greats to be had. Moe Imouto also has some good, safe pictures unique to itself. As for Digiboy’s doujin hunting…

A great success! (in terms of quantity at least) First off, Abiru stars alone in the fairly decent Zetsubou Switch, then co-stars with Fuura Kafuka in the somewhat less-than-great Zetsubou Hiyori, followed by a co-starring with Chiri Kitsu in the much nicer Sayonara Zetsubou Seito (contains GB). We then see her make appearances in Zetsu Mousou Riron Kyouiku Kouza on pages 13-15, on page 9 of Mukai no Shiba mo Aokatta, and briefly on Inochi Midikashi Zetsubou Seyo Omote on pages 14 and 15. I also found one of just her over at TheDoujin, but I didn’t like it at all – the tiger-fucking on the cover is a false promise, and the rest is gang bang nonsense with what I consider less-than-great breast drawing. But that’s just me.

And you are crazy, so your opinion doesn’t matter anyway.

Of course. Well, anyway, that’s all I have for Abiru. Be sure to tune in next time as we delve into more of the Zetsubou harem! There’s sure to be a lot of fun and beautiful women ahead!

Wait, what did you mean ‘false promise?’ Were you disappointed by the lack of tiger-fucking?! Answer me, you bastard!

6 thoughts on “Zen of the Zetsubou Girls 2: Abiru Kobushi

  1. From ero to guro! Wonderful. If I hadn’t already, I’d’ve subscribed to your RSS just to see how you’d fuck with my brain next.

    Bandage girl, eh? I suppose that’s better than apology girl. You missed one interesting facet of the tail fetish however: the violence is not one-sided. She’s apparently in love with tails but not, necessarily, the animals they’re attatched to, evidenced by the fact that she’ll happily kill them, cut off their tails and mount them on her wall.

    I suppose every SZS girl is least a little psychotic.

    • very good point. I wonder if something could be said about her falling in love with a guy and then murdering all the women who come near him.

      As for your question, I wish I could read Japanese and tell you (though then I’d probably spend most of my time blogging untranslated manga), but I amm assuming that, yes, she is her pimp.

      • Kinda reminds of the way Rei would turn up in Eva whenever someone was about to die. Only instead of death, there’re orgasms.

        Yet somehow Kafka still seems creepier. :?

    • You may have seen it a lot – most of the Key characters who aren’t lolis or someone’s mom fall into the breast nexus.

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